Beautiful You


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Hey you, over there.

The girl looking in the mirror, pretending everything is perfect and life is just oh so swell.
Well listen, I know you, I was you not too many years ago.
Smiling and laughing at school but waking up every morning hating that face in the mirror,

that was me,
that is you,
but it is not true.

You stare for hours wondering why your nose is too big or your eyes to small,
wishing you could look like one of the “pretty girls” who have it all.

Those pretty girls who have the life you want. Well, they have troubles too,
and chances are they wake up, look in the mirror and think the same things as you.

You may think you are not pretty and you do not look like those girls on TV.
But, guess what? Those imperfections are what make you so unique.

It is imperfections that make beauty, not likeness of the face.
Because beauty is in all of us, each different but pretty in our own way.

But you insist on hiding it behind your cover-up and bases,
thinking all this makeup will hide your troubles and fill your empty spaces.

Well, stop comparing, and covering, and hiding, because I will tell you the truth;
you are a true beauty, no concealor needed, natural, genuine and blooming in your youth.

You nose is just right, and your eyes shine with love.
So stop being critical of your reflection, and realize the true beauty in you that you've never dreamed of.

These looks that only you can rock, that were given just to you.
You are perfect just the way you are, and that is nothing but true.

So smile, head up, and charge into your full life.
Knowing you are beautiful, confident, and no mirror, or person, can cause you strife.



This is so eloquent and true! Love this!


Wish you much luck in this competition! I love your poem by the way. :D It exactly what I tell my self conscious best friend <3

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