I Am Me

Who am I? That is the question...

I walk around, in a ghost town, in a world were I feel unheard,

"Nobody is perfect" is what I hear, yet we all strive for perfectiion.

What we do not  notice is that perfection is our weakness.

This feeling of self-loathing and worthlessnes never stops.

We look at our bodies and see something that is wrong. We NEED to change.

We test our brains and see we arent smart enough. We NEED to change.

We look at our style and realize how out of date we are. We NEED to change.

Don't let anyone tell you who you can't  be, what you can't do or what you should do.

Sound out the haters... look to those who know the real you.

Thats where you find your courage. Thats were you find your diamond.


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