I Am Words: With Might and Worth

You, with all your insecurities

How often have you forgotten your victories?

How easy was it to let them whisper into your ears

Until you disappeared?

Their words distracted you from your thoughts

Turning what was you into naught, but…


You are words

Arranged in the patterns of the universe

You are letters

Formulated by every beat of every pulse

You are ink

Amalgamated abstracts and realities in sync


You are stories and poems

You excite, you drive

You provoke, you invoke

Assumption and aversion, but

Also inspiration and challenge

And creation and ambition


You are both the poison and medicine

A juxtaposition

You are the manifested epitome

Of this crazy thing we call humanity


So let’s rewrite your story

Take back your out of place “sorries”

Turn it all into an allegory


Tell them what you know

Reach deep and paint them a picture of your soul

Don’t be afraid to show them the crevices of your heart

Every part of you is art

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Kayla Sitler

Beautiful poem! I love the extended metaphor and use of such strong language.

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