Overwhelming Beauty

This overwhelming tension is so blissful.
How your soul is not resentful.
You're the definition of freedom, unique spirit that's so seldom.
Exterior of a goddess, superiority on every asset,
Don't have to say a word in yet you project your presence.
No room for judgement and reluctance.

I really like your style ...

Makes my mind go ballistic , your so realistic,
Be careful of the sadistic perves that seem to miss it.
The statement you make through your bra straps,
That all exposure isn't bad, and your composure overlaps,
The gateway to your heart, and your beauty as that.
I just hope the guy that you're next to sees you for you,
That there's more underneath then your ass and your boobs.

The fire that you bring, our beings have brewed,
To make a satisfying mixture that I wish I can pursue.
Although you are unaware of our intertwined universe,
Our relationship has developed from afar but yet I keep it reserved.

I really hope he sees the God in you like I do,
You're ignorant to this but I'm here for your well being, because I love you.

Yeah that's right... Without a doubt I do,
Because I see, you need someone to...

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Hey guys, I want to take the time to post a brief summary of how this poem came about. I was on the NYC train and I saw this woman and she was beautiful in my eyes. Although, some people would have thought that she looked trashy or explicit because she was only wearing a bra and jeans. Most would had thought she was ghetto, because she was wearing fake eye lashes with black long straight weave. Now, to me I thought she was beautiful and I wasn't looking at her in a sexual way. I loved how confident and realistic she was with herself. Don't get me wrong, her face was just as great, but, even though I didnt know her I saw much more. Granted, she had an older boyfriend and I was just like "Damn, I hope he realize what he has beside him, because shes more than what she's displaying in front of him."

I was on looking for scholarships, ya know, doing my thing and I came across #BecauseILoveYou Poetry Slam Scholarship. That's when I decided to put this in the competition, because love doesn't have to always be about a partnership or romance. I can be about aspiration that can determine how much love you can share about person; despite the fact that its stranger.

Thank you for reading my poem and hopefully I win, but whats most important is sharing my art with you guys. Peace & Love ~M3ll

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