Your hair may look a little dumb,
When did you last pick up a comb?
However, if that's just your style,
It's no reason for exile.
When will you stop all that fear,
Those shameful glances at the mirror?
I've never cared what others thought.
It's time that's something you were taught.
Your face may be less than ideal.
It's the reason for how ugly you feel.
Those bumps and scars never bothered me.
Your smile's enough. Why can't you see?
Please, no more comparisons.
Regardless of if your day comes,
I'll always love you equally.
I know you're worth it. Take it from me.
So your stomach may be round.
Is beauty measured by the pound?
I still want you vulnerable,
Even more with a frame full.
Your skin may be a shade of red.
You fear that you will never wed
Because of all the cuts and rashes.
Tears are wetting your eyelashes.
I've mentioned it a time or two.
These things aren't what make you you,
and if they are, then all the better.
I respect you more than ever.
You've had to overlook the surface,
See others for who their real soul is.
It's time you did it once again,
But now for you instead of them.
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