i have nothing


you like girls with
long, flowing hair
hair that twists and turns and flows as the breeze
flicks it and it dances
hair that shines and sparkles and
hair that sticks to your face and your chest in the heat of the summer night


but i have none of that


 you like girls that
are confident, proud
girls that talk of their accomplishments loudly
with no blush coloring their cheeks
girls that are talented and carefree and
girls that never feel scared to speak out of fear of being judged

but i am not like that

  you like girls that
have an infinite, glowing smile
a smile that lights up the room and makes hearts beat faster
as her happiness permeates every space
a smile that bears her teeth, unashamed and
unabashed because she is content, pleased, happy, she has nothing to fear

but i don't have that

my hair is short and cannot brush your cheek when we lay side by side
i am shy and unsure and boring and my voice hides behind every wall in fear of being heard 
my smile is like an insect, fleeting and uncomfortable, and i am despairing and cynical and numb

i cannot keep you warm in the cool of the night because i cannot keep myself warm.


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