Golden eyes

My golden eyes hide behing the pounds of mascara that shade my natural beauty.


Constrained by the norms of society I fake it until I can one day make it,

Hoping for a chance to be myself,

Unknowing that this is my only chance.


One life to live and I discover I am wasting it by hiding behind the idea of "normal." 


Water overflows out of the palms of my hands,

As I splash myself clean from the basic look of a pretty girl,

An average girl that glides through life melts and I arise,

Skipping, jumping, and encouraging freedom,

Letting go of brutal judgements that once pointed me down a path with no end,

Setting aside the rules to create my own law of life,

I learn who I am, 

People accept me,

People look up to me,

People love me.


I love myself.

My golden eyes shine brighter than the sky that provides life for this earth. 

I now am light and I light the way for others to follow in the search of individuality.

Confidence fills my body and flows as smooth as the blood inside me.


My golden eyes can see myself and everything I can become.

Nothing can stop me from being myself.  



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