Trying to Find The Light

Dear Me,

You were so young.

Innocent and smart

Now everytime I see you, 

it's like your lost in the dark. 


She was your light

She guided you in the darkest of times

But before you knew it, 

she was gone with Death's chimes. 


Now you are alone, 

Sad and in a fright 

Running aimlessly in the dark

Trying to find someone to be your light


I know times are tough

All you want to do is cry

But you need to understand

that you just have to try


You see sprites and sparks

Thinking they can replace. 

But you have to understand, 

Those lights are just fakes.


You have to be your own light

And learn to feel secure

So wipe those tears love 

Your happiness is assured


With sincerity and love, 






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