Awesome❤️: It's all you

If you know the feeling of the warm sun peeping through your window, it means you’re blessed to feel a sensation.
If you hear the chirping of birds singing in the early morning branches, it means you’re blessed to hear the sounds of the world.
If you know the smell of grandma’s cookies as she baked only for you, it means you’re blessed to be loved.

The color of the sky, the smell of the ocean, the air in the mountains, the sand in your toes,
The pitter patter of rain, the snowflakes on your tongue, the world is full of beauty as you’re still so young.

There’s so many different fruits to taste,

There’s so many different cities to visit,

Views to see,

Bubble wrap to pop,

Dandelions to blow a wish upon,

Songs to hear,

Hikes to climb,

Spices to try.

So many people to meet, so many books to read,

So much awesome to experience.
But the most awesome of all is you, you’re a living breathing person, capable of so much. You’re worth is never defined by words or numbers, your actions will portray your beauty.

Think about the stranger you smiled at walking your own way, you made their day.

Think about your friend who passed their exam, you’re the one who helped them cram.

Think about the voice you qraise against those who do wrong, you defend the world because you’re strong.

Think about the smileon your mother’s face so lit, because you came home to visit.

Think about the laughter of your loved ones when they’re a mess, it was your joke which brought them the slight moment of happiness.

Think about all the hugs and kisses you’ve dared, you’ve shown so many love and care.

Think about your wedding day, or the day you’re on your feet,
Think about when you pursue your passion and live your dreams,
Think about all the struggles you put into to get where you are, you’re such a fighter.
Even the sweat is awesome, because it portrays all your effort.

You’re awesome for your kindness,
you’re awesome for impacting someone’s life.

Take a moment and think of your best friend, your mother or father, brother or sister, where would they be without you? Their life would be much much emptier.
Appreciate your existence and the time you have in this world of blossom,
Because you darling, are exceedingly awesome.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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