The Importance of Books

Books put together a powerful message

You can find words that make you sound impressive

For me, a book would make my mood happy, or depressing

The book would speak to me in a conveying way

The message would say, ‘’Don’t put me down today”

A book would feel trapped and left astray

For most of my life I was in a cage

I was the introvert that was terrified of the stage

Reading a book was my imagination’s getaway

I’m the girl who is the quiet mouse

I either went to the library or my house

I couldn’t escape from my unconfident jailhouse

Except when a book landed in front of me

My heart was the lock and the book was the key

I had to unearth the secrets and see

I discovered a world full of possibilities

Reading is one of my favorite activities

For a while I can ignore my responsibilities

I’ve learned of all these wonderful stories

Everything is divided up into categories

Fantasy, or realistic fiction have their own territories

Those are my favorite genres on my bookshelf

They look impressive just by themselves

I can admire them when I’m overwhelmed

My favorite story is written by Lois Lowry called the The Giver

The style is so witty, wise, and wondrous that it gives me the shivers

Every book has a message that needs to be delivered.

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