Meet The New Me

You took advantage of my feeble mind
Overpowered my young bones
You uprooted my blossoming tree
And clogged my vocal cords so I would not be heard

You let my tears strengthen your fo-u-l mind
You refused to see the innocence in my eyes
You broke every bit of me
And let my aching parts and plea pleasure you

You took my honor for granted
Disrespected my dignity
Your bones fed on my fear
You ignited a demonic desire within me 

My eyes longed to see you suffer
My hands begged to hurt you immensely
My bones grew stronger against my skin
But my heart prayed to heal

My mind was demented
It fought against itself
The scars you left refused to heal
But my heart craved to recover

I listened to the wishes of my heart
I heard the cravings of my mind
With God I disregarded the parts of me pleaing against forgiveness 
And went on a journey to find myself  

I found me, and i am stronger than i ever dreamed but i am curious now
Does it kill you to see that my tears dried up
Or that the bits of me you broke is now whole
Look into my eyes. Do you feel guilty?

I beckon you to meet the current me
Thank God my mind and heart had their way
My beauty has never been more clearer
My scars no longer intimidate me

I demand you to meet the advanced me
My tears made me stronger 
The pain and aches you inflicted on me developed my talents 
Its like you never existed 

And with all these wonders, I'm still puzzled
Does it destroy you to see that my tree blossomed afterall 
Or that my voice is bent on screaming aloud till it's heard 
Does my fearlessness threaten your capability

I dare you to meet the new me
I fought everything you put against me and conquered 
I made you a pusilanimous nimcompoop
You do not need to tell me that my pride and confidence makes you feel worthless!

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