What do you see,
When you look in the mirror?
You see you,
And I see me.
We are different,
That is perfect,
And how it's supposed to be.

It would be so incredibly boring
If we were all the same, 
So why do we try so hard
When it comes to presenting ourselves in that way.

Let me explain.
We curl our lashes,
We suck it in,
We tilt our faces,
And try to disguise our double chin.

We find flattering lighting. 
And then comes the smiling. 
The pictures, the pictures,
Innumerous amounts of pictures.

That angle isn't right,
My eyes look weird in this one,
Why does my nose look like that? 
Don't even get me started on my face. 

We tear ourselves to pieces,
And in the end, we give up.
But why does this happen?
What is the standard?
Shouldn't just being ourselves be enough?

We try and pick our filter
To make us look the same,
As every other person on earth
Taking a self-portrait today. 

Why do we do this?
Can't we just be ourselves?!
Why is there a standard
Of how we're supposed to look?

That's the only way.
The way we're going to change the world,
By being ourselves - and right away! 

We can become confident, 
In the way that we were made
Because God created us beautiful,
In each and every way. 

Embrace our imperfections,
Post it "make-up free"
Because we're unapologetic
To a world that presses us with standards
That don't really exist anyway.

Everyone is beautiful.
Why can't you just see?
You don't need that filter!
Because being you is the only thing you need. 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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