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When you tried your best, you seem to get knocked down again, And you are left there wondering if this is going to be the end. If this whole time you have been fighting for no real reason,
I have never seen an ugly flowerFlowers are always full of grandeurFlowers are known to be beautifulAll the time, that's stupendously wonderfulAll flowers speak a beautiful language
Specks of dust in light Like falling stars, Comforting on the worst of nights. In the headlights of oncoming cars, Or the dull streetlamp glow. Moths tremble soft wings,
We want all Democrats to behave As though they truly and genuinely believe In a True Democracy
                                                   Where are You? You must be at war
Le ciel bleu n’est pas le paradis Ce n’est pas du tout la même chose Chers amis.  
Into the Dust we fall; Our lungs void of air. As sweat beads down our brow, Our muscles ache for relief.   Into the Dust we fall, As our captors scrape us to our feet.
When day turns to night, Where do our hearts lie? In the mist of the past, Or the void of the unknown.   As the sun reaches the horizon, Thoughts dance in our minds. What has happened,
Sob a forma de nuvens errantes, Caminhamos ao nosso Réu: Que sonhos tivestes, jovem pedante, até que atirastes ao léu?  
Os carros avançam lentamente sobre o sinal fechado - como num pesadelo que tive    quando criança -  enquanto atravesso fora da faixa num contrariamente lento passo displicente.  
Wings of clouds, sail souls to see, seas of stars, Like happy children,  aura lifts lofty hearts from scars,
Running in fantastic lines Agreeing with the magical future In the embrace of miraculous now We dream to heal Life will be wholesome again 
I saw everything psychedelic placed Nothing functions out of place  Kings chosen are already know And born as they should  Nothing will take the land 
Sweet child, within you, sparrows sing blooms Each day like protocoled steps will lead you  Down Heaven’s aisle of tapping awe and cool
The world is born in the sky  The end is at the breath of the sea Each dream on the waves is taking high a star at a time
She is beautiful  Like a mouse, her heart moves  With the window of her soul  open to Heaven’s skies    She is beautiful 
Hart’s heart stops  Hart’s art lives after him Hope unendingly bleeds through veins and channels Hart’s home is the muse
L’amour est un rêve qui commence L’amour est une chimère qui commence C’est une ballerine qui danse C’est un poète qui pense
Love is a dream that begins Love is a chimera that begins It’s a ballerina who dances It’s a poet who thinks It's a bird that sings
Look deep in the mirrorDo you see color?What do you see?Can you see the sins of the humanity,And the hypocrisy creeping at the doorsteps?Blinded by the murky and muddyGlaucoma of jealousy,
We do not want only a piece We aspire and want Peace A mammoth piece of Freedom For the north, south, west and east
Self-imprisonment Is the worst form Of punishment Still, it is not out of the norm
♡ Bon appétit to all my fellow Haitians and friends,Who will be drinking, sipping, savoring soup joumou,Which is made of squash, neck bones, macaroni, oxtails,Carrots, yams, celery, parsley, and countless vegetables.
Haiti, Haiti, Haiti, a Terra dos Mártires Haiti, Haiti, a Terra dos Primeiros Libertadores Haiti, a terra de muitos bravos escravos
Laying on my bed Hoping for hope but I’m hopeless Thinking about how time flies I was not the me I dreamt of I keep dreaming big Not Knowing what life has to offer   Time flies time flies
how do you stop a feeling  how do you stop the dream … by ruining all your fantasies  making them be a reality then you get a new dream
They say to follow your dreams But they don’t say it’s hard With roadblocks And without blueprints What they mean to say Is follow your intuition And listen to yourself
Today is Easter Sunday The grass is a little greener The flowers are beginning to say hello The chill in the air seems less invasive   It’s time to wake up, get out of bed
ON CLOUDNINE. I can't stop because I don't die until my dreams become reality. Hence I live eternity. On cloudnine ! 😊 💪 #C9_fm
My L'manburg    Once ruled by men of courage and charity Now ruled by men who are self-centered and agitated   My L'manburg    Once a place of freedom and devotion 
My L'manburg    Once ruled by men of courage and charity Now ruled by men who are self-centered and agitated   My L'manburg    Once a place of freedom and devotion 
Imagine if you could change it Imagine if we could turn the page Imagine if we could burn the past dark ages, black messages and escape from all those tight cages.  
*BELIEVING* _Stick unto God and believe in yourself. *It'd be bright after the dark.* There most be a black *time dark starry night before an open heaven* of a brighter sunny day._
Do you want to? Cause I do if you do Let's jump in and not care what they think Us, we aren't new  We've been through so much  And my love is true
Leave a message of a whispered dream, an afterthought In the drawer we use to exchange hellos and forget-me-nots.
LIVING IT UP Never lose sight of the goals you've set for yourself. Because only you can make your dreams come true.
When i was young I dream of a perfect love. As i look up to the sky, i see myself having groom and being a bride.
NEVER HALT DREAMING Your ambition is your Way up to attainin' higher level. Walk through tha Path of light and sight brightly.
SOFTLY HAVE FAITH They wanna bury me ain't worry, but rather I sprout out because I'm a seedling star. Stay flurry, road to glory.
"YOU COULD DO BETTER EXPLORE MORE" You know you can do better. Explore more! You are limitless, unstoppable and unlimited.
YOU CAN In learning there Abide teaching and in teaching, learning dwells. Both the lecturers and schoolers has somewhat to teach the other. Life's but a class. Every persons you met has some lessons for you.
Every nun wears a ring Brides of god  an astonishing act, as if deception of hell came true with bush marks and artists cheering   Rain is wetting windows, but what about trees
The lights of the city glide within me  but do not pierce through me with their glitter deep in me there still persists the black depths of the black history i hear singing  
This is the dark time,my love, all round the land brown beetles crawl about. the shining sun is hidden in the sky, red flowers bnd their heads in awful sorrow.   This is the dark time,my love
DREAM No nightmares but delirium. Every dream is a footprints,👣 pathway to discovery. #c9_fm
DREAM Life is dream, sleep tight & dream beautifully, in order to have the best dream dreamt. Because whatever you're doing in life, you're simply living your dream. #c9_fm
GOAL Goal is like cultivating a farmstead, more it's nurtured more chances of Achievement warranted. #c9_fm
Who Am I? Am i a shadwo,a chair or even a doorway?   I am a shadow  A shadow that has no way, I am there but people walk through me  I stand aside,but still trouble follows;
The Dreamer I can't give up still I keep my head up. Living my life in dream what can I do? Trying to survive in this tough game.
Road to glory is bumpy lumpy. Gory to walk 🚶 in glory. Road to Achievement always seems obscure but an enthusiastic makes it obvious. Plus determination,
No past failure ever stops you from Moving on again. Today try improving your skills in order to enhance your chances of Winning, life ends when we halt dreaming.
When I was a child, I’m always dreaming that I’m in heaven with angels in my side. And there were also angels in the surroundings, Some were hiding, Some were smiling,
Just when I think I'm over You, you appear in my dreams. The dreams are so vivid that When I wake, I wake confused.   In my dreams, we're still in love. In my dreams, I feel your touch.
Dear Dream, You look beautiful But I am too shy to speak to you I pass by each day staring at you Hoping you're mine Just don't know what to say or do I feel like I can't carry you
I feel so sad when I wake up from a dream, Realizing that I have to return to reality. It's always easier to decipher what nightmares mean; That my soul is just another casulty.
Can I tell you about my bed? I'll tell you anyways. It's just so special to me. What a wonderful place. The one I never want to leave. You see being awake is far too hard.
I was waiting for dawn’s stately tresses at the intersection,  For I hail from another time, trapped in its steady undulation And oh was I waiting!
Times do change But hearts' beat the same. Little things grow But my head remembers still you Deep oceans do rise So my hopes for you to find There was me and you in the end
I dream of climbing out my window in the dead of night Perching myself on the rooftop and gazing up at the stars The worlds different when it's dark out It's still
To the dream I lost--  One night I had slept  Tired of the world's morality An escape from reality. Tired of work To rest my head upon a soft white pillow A dream that had been 
Dear Love, It’s hard to explain  The feeling I have for you  But l do know that they are true Whenever you come around my heart
When we were young We were so childish We loved to dream To sing, to dance And never worried about a thing
Running exceedingly fast, I finally saw a door, at last, Rushed inside, paralyzed with fear,
I close my eyes and see a thousand worlds Made up of pictures tastes and handpicked words When my hands rest against The lettered keys I write myself into a lucid dream
You look out to the sea, and see the horizon, where the known meets the unknown and chases into oblivion. you get the feeling there's more to everything, more to the sand that swallows your feet,
Dreams and aspirations Constant meditation My future is my inspiration  I say this with no hesitation  
High In the sky sat the moon. Perched on his throne of night.  In a sea of stars he lay, shining ever so bright. The Sun asked him how he did it. How could he stay awake for so long?
Putrid fumes were emitted throughout the 7 gardens of Ardenia-- The matrix of hedges led to a different pathway Scattered along the periphery of the Nutbush Alexandria Malitissa --
I can be whatever I want to be The places I can go seeThe people I can meet  But it’s hard to decide with my changing mindWhere and who I want to be It’s beyond me to think of a world Where castles scrape the skyAnd maybe the pigs can flyWe can be
I close my eyes Taking my head to rest.   Where darkness succumbs And lying still Somber   A bleak world now filling with color   Dauntly arising in a state of shock
One last whisper... no closing act.  And to what did I owe this regret, my heart still intact? Was she the one for me? No it couldn't be. I broke up with the damsel. I did it. But why did all emotions flee?  
The sun's fire is fading, as night's ocean rises.   Cold. Endless. Dauting.   I am not afraid, for the night does not conceal.   It reveals something more,
Human   Young. Old. Of how much life bestows. Learn from the best. Or the worst. I thrive to do what's right. To stare on the stars. I awoke alone. A smile came on me.
 As I lay down I wonder what will I become. As I lay down I wonder what will be my legacy. As  I lay down I drift into sleep. A whisper comes in. Dream baby girl, dream baby girl, dream. You can become anybody in this world.
In the whispers of a dream that were left behind I was left with a longing, a longing for something that I thought was once mine. A soft cry startled me that night and in love I soon fell,
People say “Work harder!” “Do your best!” “Stop being so lazy!” “Just do your work right!” Why does it take me so long to get this done? what is wrong with me sir? “You have dyslexia.”
Painted walls, guide my rough fingertips Cracked movements trip my aloof mind, Feeling distinct Familiar even, A cool autumn breeze runs up my spine, Prickling my skin into reality.  
The smell of coffee conquered the dark wooded room I could hear the faint patterns of rain running down the worn cabin We both walked on gelid floor waiting for the waking sun
Life ant the best. Its just a huge test. If you fall move on. Its never a con.     Liam crawford
One, two, three The devil is at my door. Four, five, six, Why the hell did he leave sticks? Seven, eight, nine He left a note with one word "Time" Ten, eleven, Twelve.
You think you are cool when you are in high school. Drifting like a raft, unconscious of the life ahead; That’s what fills you with dread. But as the rolling waters slow, You know you must go.
Hey, I gotta deal with trauma before it deals with me  I think about you often but not all the time  What are you like when emotions arise? And how do you look like when you rise? 
Keep your head up, don't get fed up. Choose your roads wisely, you might like where you end up. Let your thoughts manifest into a physical form. Where you dreams can ascend, and be reborn.
I walked outside, thinking that everything was gonna be alright. My eyes filled with pride, helping me through this joyride. The trees are red, mixed with tints of orange and yellow.
Wake up in the mornin'. Suddenly, I'm in a dream. Everything looks so real. What could this mean? I get up, look around. My face turns into a frown. My heart starts racing.
Work in progress.
One summer’s eve in Spain, I fled through an open window, Butterflies aflight In the very pit of me, And I tramped the streets, My heart abrim With such a love, But a love now long gone.
We all have wanted be grown up  Hearing all of the hype behind it buildup To become free of our restrictions  And chase your ambitions  
A fun filled childhood that consists of giggles, hugs and cartoons A happy kid with no worries, what a wonderful time it has been. My family is joyful which makes this time most relishing
Crusing down the streets Late at night The clock struck past midnight Although I can't quite see your face, I love the way you look at me With the streetlights glowing in your eyes 
  When I was younger, I would dream of sleeping on cotton candy clouds while the breeze kissed my hair and fulfilled its duty of safekeeping
I stepped through the vale of unconsciousness. The vale smelled of bubble gum candy. I dived through the clouds on the other side and descended upon a cherry blossom forest. My toes felt the cool grass in between them.
Growing up was less about growing out of my shoes and more about growing into my sense of self-worth.   As I matured, I realized a number of things that I had overlooked earlier in my childhood.  
Dreams are your wishes that may come true It’s your imagination going wild and speaking to you Dreams whisper your desires They teach you and you learn things new  
Memory erasing Mindlessly awaking Walking through a dream I'm making Slap me in the face Untie me where it chafes Release me from this dream I want to be awake Take me from my home
Incierto by: Sebastian Batista   I am Sebastian Batista. I am Dominican, came to the US when I was 12, 6th grade. Uncertainty, everyone's faced it. How often though?
Dream In Black Last night I dreamt a dream In black I dreamt things not often seen As I walked the corridors of my mind, I seen black evaluated as beautiful by all in every degree
focusing in a deep way dreaming about last summer thinking about   feeling a spark a distance some energy a certain way   looking at myself
Standing on your walkway gives me chills, Glowing beautifully with your astounding street flare. And the performances through the cheery nights
I close my eyes Breathe deeply Feel the breeze wisping through my hair I turn and see you beside me Just sitting there.  
There are dreams within dream within dreams, so it seems. I learned this last night in bed. Layers of dreams  upon layers of dreams, all fitting inside my head.  Once, I thought I woke up, but I was back in anther one. Dreams within dreams: it's b
We wanted nothing more than to be Together. And so there we lay, Skin to skin, bone to bone, and we watched and we noticed The way our chests began to rise and fall in unison.
Darkness surrounds me as I find myself enveloped in the story being told in front of me. A young girl is stumbling upon a scene,
I’ve learned to fear wanting too many things. The selfishness I’ve harboured as a child has melted from a stain to just a bruise. The phrase “I want” used to spill from my mouth like blood from a wound The world could see.
invader of thought hinderance of my achievements best to tune you out  
My father cries at night like a ghost’s lonely moan Lamenting for the helpless behind closed doors   Reaching out
I daydream daily  I know it sounds crazy  I feel it in my fingertips, in my bones  Yet so far, so vaguely.  I’m scared.  Scared? I mean terrified  yet I do recognize 
Expectations and warnings Consider carefully the beginnings Every action has consequence Every inaction is opportunity Slipped Away. Oh, I’m brave So courageous I love to live outrageous
I remember I was 10 when he died The lost and deaths led to stress and heart suicide   Barely made it to 17 All the the accomplishments and hopes lost in the stream
I remember I was 10 when he died The lost and deaths led to stress and heart suicide   Barely made it to 17 All the the accomplishments and hopes lost in the stream
Two men stand along a ring. The champion steps out first. Next, comes the challenger. The underdog. The believer.
When I was small I would believe That Fairies surrounded me And protected me From the bad But when I grew My fairies turned to dew And formed my tears And leaked to the ground
I dreamed of home last night Home The dream was dark and silent There was no plot, setting, or characters It was me In the dark
“Together forever” “Together until the end of time” That’s what we used to say But every promises Are meant to be broken   Everything has changed We’re slowly getting further
I believe in life, in authentic living, in the joy of being.I believe in the exaltation of the heart at the dawn but also at the sunset that withdraws  its rays in the night`s rest.
There's a lot going in your mind Wishing you could be away from all this The feelings that drowns out your cries The confusion path trails down Leaving drops of years for remembrance
to have power is to feel like  a spartan it feels good  but at the same time it hurts deep down down in the soul of you  where love is no where to be  found  because you are strong 
Let go of what was,   Believe in what is to come,   A dream’s existence.
I dream no dream, And fight no fight. My real is beyond dreaming, And my fight is to use my wings to fly.
I can’t see anything, for I am sleeping. I can’t feel anything, for I am dreaming. I’m breathing, I’m breathing. Chest in, chest out. The darkness surrounds me in a beautiful blanket of security and love.
Her lips were red like she had been drinking all the poisonousness of this world or the blood of dead roses. Her eyes had a color of regret maybe because she had been thinking and wondering the deepest rooms of her soul,
 Life isn't a dream given to you in life you have to work because today might not be tomorrow, a blessing is a blessing to hard work.
Our darkened skin this phase which is the most prime phase will never end love your skin God created you in, with all that melanin we will never become evanescent
Dear Moonlight,   The way you glow through the blinds in the night. It makes me feel like you waited for me. Kissing my forehead to help me go to sleep in my bed. Making me yawn and rub my tired eyes.
I keep a smile on my face to not let my true colors be shown Keep the fact I'm dying a secret My heart is breaking as we speak But my mouth is shut I wont say a peep I'm dying a slow miserable death
Deep in long and narrowInfront of stupid teacher as ghostInside four walls of classesSomewhere my dream is lost
  Everyday i wake with an unquestionable fate Of how my life is odd and also beautiful in a number of ways There's a method to how you can measure madness and it consists of vulnerability
  Everyday i wake with an unquestionable fate Of how my life is odd and also beautiful in a number of ways There's a method to how you can measure madness and it consists of vulnerability
I had a dream Everyone we knew was there.  Everyone but you, you were late  When you get there you are drunk.  In your drunken haze, you scan the room looking for her.  Once you find her, you are a fool. 
And when I dream of you. The pages turn. Highlighting a million and one things. All captivated by the sound we touched with our eyes. Each played in beautiful melody. I'd chase behind you.
Dreams   I.   Dreams begins with a spark That ignites the flames deep in the dark
Sense September 7, 2018 ~ Friday Little lips Little bits of me, the tips Of where all words begin and end Little place to hide my insides
I must be cautious in the words i say; I dream to be educated in every way. To banish opression that keep us down; To uplift whom feel submerged as if they drown.
Medicine It’s been apart of my life ever since I was little I hated medicine All the pokes and pins All the stickers and Batman bandaids to make me feel better
The moon shines bright in a sky full of lost stars Cold evenings are dark driving in cars My dreams are sweet sometimes, but in my nightmares, I'm alone I sleep until the monsters go home
On a stormy dreary windy night My handsome love and I went to a concert We walked and slow dance through the muddy wetland hand in hand It got chilly and windy he gave me his warm leather jacket  I scanned the large crowd for the good band while a
Why does the moon  absent? She must be tired of faces She decided to be absent To get what she is worth To know how she evaluates As she tired of looking down She tired of seeing the earth She tired of looking to the face Who hate himself and his
You Are Deserving To Be Loved. Only Reason Of You. That I Taken A Step To " Exist " Today. Sailu Bharya
The Dayz Never Allowed Them To Meet Each Other.   At Nights, Two Pairs But, Dreamt The Same Dream "Togather". Sailu Bharya
Today I saw a beautiful dream It was somewhere from within It seemed so real at the time - I wonder I dreamed that love has ruled the world That no one is sick or hurt
I fell asleep and dreamed a dream With vivid, bright, familiar scenes And someone new, I knew before But I'm unsure just what this means - I burst awake, with pounding pulse
Take a road on the jet-black highway, You are about to embark on a new adventure, The scorching sun hits the surface as the heat waves rise, The eagles fly high above the flower-decorated cacti,
I saw you there, My loyal guide, A man of raven hair and blue eyes, Quite tall in stature, With cream skin, You took my hand, Then we began, We walked along an empty field, 
I've wrote about angels I've wrote about devils And every monster in between It's easier to write about The things I've never seen My imagination gets to play While reality takes a back seat
I fell in love  with a girl I met in a dream But I cannot remember her name, so now im frantically hitting the snooze on my alarm that I might see her again
If I could find a soft spot a special place that haunts my dreams I could fly without net without strings with you without you   If I could take a new allure
I will make love with the Ocean in front of your eyes on the edge of the fine line with my mind open and eyes closed   wet sand in my hair the sense of sea fizz
A walk through the woods On a cold Winter's Night, Brought up such terrors And gave quite a fright. I stepped through a clearing Bathed in Moonlight. A large lump Beyond Didn't look quite right.
    I dream a dream to escape the dark depths of reality To escape the cruel world, we cain our abels-We hate each other And with our own ropes we hang one another And look to blame things like "Police Brutality
Perhaps it was all a dream Perhaps it was my life unfulfilled 
Too many roads diverged in a tense arena And I used to wonder what it would be like to travel all. Could I be Engineering? Astrophysics? Analyst? Architect? Chemist?
Sitting next to the window Watching dust stay suspended in the air My breath does nothing Under the harsh yellow light  The window is cold And blues fill the void beyond the pane  Neon flickers to life
some erotic escape I need with your face with the cosmos to my aid with a Fire and wild desire romantic play and zany runway the thunder of the heart beating fast
run away from you from my dreams from my fears   from the pain you might hide deep down in your heart   run away from smile and sparkle in your eyes  
ALICE’S SONG   Be my sweet Mad Hatter And I’ll be Alice of your dreams In red raw silk And soft black velvet   Every time When This is impossible
 What would it take to get to know you?
I'm having this dream where I'm driving, and then, of course, you come along. I have never met you but I bet that because  I saw you in my dream we are bound to meet someday   
this mind soars amongst many dreams   and they come in such excess in such a multitude
Life is a dreamI never thought I'd see. One where the flowers bloomAnd sing to me with
I have late night conversations with the moon  She tells me about the sun And I tell her about you  What we used to do underneath her other half  And during her time when we went our different paths 
Don't ever hate you for being you without you there is nothing that is true This worlds in need of you and to tell you the truth I need you to  Don't you dare give up on me don't know what I would do  
Don't wake me I still want to be with my shady tree I still want to drown in my fantasy Feeling weightless, feeling free It's a place I could be me   Don't wake me
I was faithful, I was good. Constant in prayer with my Lord and Savior I knew Without a doubt that I Was safe in my Lord's arms. But then that blessed day came. The sky was bright and brilliant
Your heartbeat is my own. You smile, I smile. You dream, I dream. You breathe, I sigh. Love me. Hold me. Trust me now. I'm cold. Warm me.  You dream, I dream. You smile, I smile.
If I were to ever write a poem, It would be called ‘Dream With Me’, And it wouldn’t be about anything sad, About depression or anxiety, Or any human rights,
Pour your heart out, bloody my hands caught red-handed in this wonderland selling fleeting feelings feigning meaning seeking depth in tides receding   retrieving flotsom junk upon the shore
I look at myself in the mirror and only see a monster. I see the fat that sticks off of my stomach; what am I? Pregnant?! I see the stretch marks that line my legs, I must be fat.
i have a reoccuring dream grass whispering its dewy secrets to my toes The dark invites too many thoughts to provide peace i see Those Ones through the window A steel beast lashes its tail which barely skims my nose
At times I wonder Where I'm headed in this world.   Where is my place?   In an office, the monotony of keyboards? In a bus, a vagrant of burnt-out success?   Or among the stars above me,
Dear Dream of mine, My life flashes by in a ray of colors, with so many frames and images that pass on. they aren't just pictures, they are masterpieces of water color, a work of art,
Dear Mom,   As your fingertips lingered on my arm, I felt the chill of struggle strike my bone. Your hair draped across my face, and brought me back to your past.
I live between 4 food and liquor stores   2 of which are 21 and older A Harold’s Chicken on King Drive and another on Cottage Grove Miles of Mcdonald’s garbage
Have I left My beloved one The one that I asked the skies for In exchange for my career dream As her smiles will go missing As her kisses will go missing Will I be able to continue?  
You taught me that To deal with a disaster is to  let it go to deal with the feeling of losing control to stop thinking about the inevitable. To deal with a disaster is to be brave
Dear Future Me, Mama said hold tight to your dreams Or else they’ll fly away Life is dark and full of pain But your dreams can light the way   She said hold tight to your dreams
To see what lies beyond our world To jump high enough to touch the stars To fly to the moon and back To step on a crack without falling far To be or not to be To fly instead of swimming
Dear Future, There are too many words in my head, Yet I can’t get them down. They swirl, they jumble, And I begin to drown. There are too many thoughts in my head, That I can’t decipher.
Sitting in the coffee shop Where once we’d smile My heart did a little hop I saw her for the first time in a while   My hands were shaking 
I want you like cream, for the coffee I wake up from, I want you like a dream, I dont want to wake up from, I pray night and day, that he sends you my way, I'll make you the queen, of my world and my space.
Wide-eyed, glassy stare Dazed and confused Reeling, recoiling from possible  Impossibility    Windmills, grassy fields Disappearing Set upon in flames from those leaders
Dreams are an awful thing, Mice of Men livin' on fantacy. Can't end well, only die brutally.  Ignorance is bliss  only when the alternative is this  reality.   Which way will fare the best? 
 Immortal man of war   By A.R.T   Roman and greek Norman and viking  axis and allies
To my ambition, To my dreams.   At first, you popped into my mind Like a grape from a vine, Whilst I watched Youtube videos of
Maybe it was too much what I put you through, in the end I always thought of me and you.I asked you to hold on when things were rough, you tried to hide it but I could see things were tough.When I shouldn't have been lonely I was, in those times I
   Here we go,  Watch as I swing into the edge of the world.  Listen as the ropes erode at the tree bark above  With every push and pull.  Smell the ancient dust from the fibers of the rope 
I met a boy in my dreams He was young, only seventeen We met on the purest day In our beds we did lay Warm sun, cool air
Just a dream by Evelyn Delgado a sweet face goes by and it catches your eyes
The bright light flashes in my eyes. I was strip down naked, about to live this kind of life. I posed for the man behind the camera-   I let down my hair, I was nervous and cold-
  Wings with lift to soar When you can't take any more What you never saw before Wings with lift to soar   I blinked and this week's been
Stays with me at night while I rustle my thoughts roaming bends and corners and nooks and crannies takes me to bed comfort me to sleep best lover in my dreams while I cradle
Love, a four letter word created to trap men in a day dream. My love for her ragged like a rapid untamed stream. Her smile sweeter then the sweetest Neapolitan ice cream  
Dear God,   Are you there? Are you really there? Mass shootings, floods, and fires abound… yet selfies, self-promotion, and “self” are all around…  
because i love you i only smile as i watch you tilt back the milk carton white drops running down your chin the lips softly parted. i only smile even though
Because of dreams, I follow you. Because of dreams, I see you for who you are. Because of dreams, I see your love for others.
Shattered,  Into millions of glittering fragments,  The last remnants of the dream I held onto so fiercely   I watched it fall, Even before it happened, That wobbling self-fulfilling prophecy  
I am happy for I have dream To meet my faultless princess Where my shackle eye’s will be hung for you Because only you gave me glamorous life
I dance in the sea I twirl, bubbles surround me   I run up high on the clouds Racing the angels proud   Then swim in the sun Till the day is done  
A snowflake kiss On my lips   Over in a second Melted away   A snowflake butterfly On my eyes   Gone so fast  Dripping like tears   A snowflake embrace As I lay down   Here for the moment Till it turns to spring   A snowflake friend Child-sized An
A first cry Kick, scream, squirm Pain for joy Feather-weight in embrace Delicate and fragile Precious and treasured Adoring eyes look up Faded, glassy orb stare Limbs twitch and collapse
From the beginning of my life everyone told me I could be anything I wanted to. "Anything," they said, "Anything you want." Then I got older, and life became "practical." I wanted to be a doctor. "Think practically," they'd say.
My Overalls by Jasmine Exinia   Dark blue jeans Minnie on the pocket Skechers lighting up when she stomps Little girl in overalls just having fun
I'm trying to pour my heart out  shaping my emotions into words, words that will barely even compare to the vast void of space in my heart success, my aspiration, but I hear those voices in my head,
Last night I dreamt of you, we were just like we used to be. We we're watching the moon cover the sun, we had felt so free. You held my hand and squeezed it so tight. I knew in that moment that everything would be alright.
Remember when we thought wine was grape juice, days went on forever, and the only worry we felt was when our parents dropped us off at school?
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful maiden name Snow White She resided in a house with seven dwarves Her skin was as white as snow and  her succulent, candy cane lips were as red as blood. 
Once upon a time There was no prince. Once upon a time There was no castle. Once upon a time There was no happily ever after.
In darkness of night sleep steals you away, And still is your heart, in your fatigue, It’s all in your head but to your dismay, You enter a world full of intrigue.
Fairytales. They don't come in true colors. Some come in blue. Some come in romantic red, But some come, In Backless Black.   In the depths of darkness,
My name is Ashanti I'm always me just the queen when u look at me u see beautify talking about me behind my back ain't gonna slove jack.U know that I'm the real deal and u just the fake kill.Like cmon say that to my face .But it a new year and I'm
By Charlene Jones   He woke up groggy Unaware of his surroundings. Prince charming grew precautious His royal heart was pounding. Then the world came to focus. He remembered where he lied.
For almost a moment, my head careens my heart flutters, my legs lean. But I open my eyes: it was only a dream.   Not even a dream; perhaps a wish a touch in the dark, a lipless kiss.  
I heard your voice over my morning alarm. Then it was silence. I picked myself off of the hard wood floor, Got dressed Reached for the door and felt you on its brassy doorknob.
I kissed the pillows of her cheeks.Covering myself in the blanket of her caress.While here nothing is heavy.Maintaining the balance of smiles in the bed of her arms
Imagine what it would be like floating off the edge of the Earth. Conversations become murmers, Car horns and police sirens dissapate  and the songs of birds get carried away with the wind.
I tried to write a poem No words came out.   Only thoughts of Alex Dang and his blinker left on half a mile
Once upon a time, when life was a dream and life was on the line, with a train losing steam, being lost wasn't fine, yelling "I don't know what's mine" rather lose track than lose my mind, 
Once upon a time there was a young dreamer who worked the long days in crippling fever   and when night fell  her weepy eyes close exhaustion fade black aspiration to grow
Inhale and exhale We breathe, but better when we sleep. And move, as though a boat set to sail.
Your absence is not my best remedy.  It doesn't help me, it doesn't make it unbelievable.  The aching assures me of your existence,  but memories are  fading as if we never happened, as if we never existed.  
One sided... Could it mean the spark? To be busy to a point That couldn’t be announced Plucking petals from a darken crispy rose
i close my eyessoftly, softly,softer this timemy dreams long goneleft me hereto diewith the echoesof a promisebut onlylies  
The stars are your friend. Twinkle sharp in the sky, Against the dark, I can't decide If your radiant or stunning. Maybe both. Your beutiful like bird songs. Hard to understand,
One minute I am here, The next I am gone. Where you might ask? A land where I belong. Where the mountains demean and the valleys are fey,
The land of the free because of the brave A great place filled with opportunity                                                The American dream needs to be saved                                       
America, the great dream That lured so many Still a renounced temptation   America the great dream of more More land, more space, more freedom   You can breath There is room to grow
For all the lives lost and the wars won you would think America would stand by its national anthem where we are all equal.
Can I try to escape from All my nightmares and demons Soon this era will be done The truth of time is too blunt To not cut like a sharp knife
When I fall asleep, no one dare wake me. For I am on a trip where all reality escapes me. Where colors dance on the surface of a twilight sky, And everything I once knew passes me by.
It was weird, One moment I am in my dorm room falling asleep The next, we are talking and laughing. It seemed so real, You were so close, so real.
Just a second agoThe magnificent flowThe room filled with soundThe noises that drownedVibration, scientifically speakingThis is what I've been seeking 
I have a dream, i will try hard to reach. I'd like to tell you so listen and please take a seat. I am a black belt in taekwondo, it's an olympic sport you know. So it has to be obvious where I want to go.
People say you always dream impossible things but just tell them  at least I still have dreams you however have possible dreams and I would rather have impossible dreams  that I can make possible 
What if all we are, Is the product of a dream? Some slumbering mind ranging far,  Projecting us from the stream, Of thought and delight As it passes through the night?  
A woman with delicate Crow’s feet framing Murky blue eyes Leans heavily against Her truck.
A man sits on a lawn chair Beneath a sun-stained umbrella With sunglasses perched Atop a reddened nose.
Close your eyes, imagine; Remember all the child dreams, From astronauts to firemen, Whisking by they disappear, And look who does appear, It is you right here right now, Throwing those dreams away.
I want to live on the moon with you. I want to watch the slumbering earth the amazing clear vastness of the universe, I want to watch the stars and the shimmer in your eyes as you stare in awe and wonder...  
The land of the free Oh, the possibilities that there could be Free to exist as our true selves Whether in religion or thought That is was at least what I was taught
I dreamed the unspeakable Nearly to the realm of unimaginable But not quite Rewind to last night Moments before I awoke To the beep of my 6:30 alarm And the vivid imaginings I held
What happened?Everything started out fine.Happy.Wholesome.Good family fun.It gave me hope for a bright future.A hope that raised me up to a beautiful sky.Only to let me fallAnd watchMy dreams as theyD i e d . My hands burnedAnd blisteredIn a brigh
At 11 past, each 1 parades to the stars each semi colon begs for a chance for a seed to grow steadfast into a tree  Nearby, a girl of seventeenpleas with the clock to open his arms wide and let her in. Far away, a boy of eighteenglances at his pho
One more step, and I’ll fall Down Down Down   I’m just on the end of the precipice. About to go over.
I finally feel free  No ties holding me down  I have found  What I need to seek  It doesn’t seem out of reach    Like a painting or a dream  It comes to me  In flashes, in feelings 
The sapling smiles at the stunning oak, Self-evident is the truth, 20 years of labor in growth, Ahead for the determined youth,   Withstanding weather and standing without withering,
The sapling smiles at the stunning oak, Self-evident is the truth, 20 years of labor in growth, Ahead for the determined youth,   Withstanding weather and standing without withering,
The Dreamer "knows" that their aspirations are destined to be reality Optimisism flows through their veins just by thinking about their self determined "fate" But when the chance comes to leap
This poem from beginning to end Is all of me, now and then.   My Past indescribable as it can be Was not so sad you see.
Molding the soul is caused by many things, some magnificent some malicious some mythopoeic and for me, my soul remembered the opportunity   gifted by mysterious fate (as everything has
David, What happened to you You used to dream out loud Reach for the stars expand your horizons Yes life gets hard
I have looked into the abyss Stood rooted in fear Paralyzed, my next move unclear Withheld myself from ever finding bliss
In the wonders of my mind I've been lost for many years,  Without a doubt or a fear  I am completely me  
Quiet Quiet, I want peace and quiet.   I want to be able to hear the crickets conduct their symphony; I want to be able to see the Moon shine blissfully; I want the Moon to lighten the darkened sky,;
There will always be traffic but stay in your lane, focus on YOUR destination,  i promise it will keep you sane. & youll grow from it to , making you "the better" you that you have always wished and hoped to come true.
The sun sets behind the hill,And sets the silent night. The plants dance, In the summer breeze.Silence is broken by broken words, And silence is regained by an empty heart.Soundless thought are faded,
I am drifting To see these stars collide And have their everlasting suffering Explode from their fingertips. They dance. Like waves of mercy Too fast to grasp, Yet they cry for forgiveness.
Driving for 45 minutes Bumper to bumper Radio's broken and so is the AC But, that's Chicago for ya
The traveler stopped for restthe sky a silver hue,the sun setting in the westthe waters, a dark blue.
[ Me writing a letter to death] October 10th.. Sending this letter from DeVonte, to.... to.., Im going to start off this letter saying i dont like you, I fear of you but I will fight you,
A dream A hallway, my heels softly clicking as I walk The polished table A clipboard Perched precariously on the edge
I get up in the morning, I pray, I get ready for school, I go to school and count down from the minutes remaining till I go home. Everyday seems exactly the same, so why do I get up. 
My genius shocks me, as sweet as victory is, I was so shocked! Felt down by myself, sank in a ditch, a shallow pit, none other than myself Now I understand, how I was wrong I didn’t make mistake, but prevent it I can
Every morning, My alarm rings, I hit snooze, It rings again. My feet hit the floor, The sun is yet to rise, I stumble to get ready, Hating to open my eyes, I put on my suit and drive,
Diamonds shining Two souls defined Blissfully gliding Through-out all time One is I The other you We hold hands It's hell we pass through Two dark angels You and me
Before he got married he had five amazing doctrines of balancing the life between partner and children by applying these doctrines he would always dream of bringing up his children
I dreamed of jumping beyond the realms of dirt and pavement-- to soar as far as the wind could take me. So I leapt. But once I reached that farthest point--the spot I once desired most, I came back.
Morning has broken the sky is brokenLiving day to day with words left unspokenEating away because we aren't awokenFeeling like our efforts are in vain, they are token  
Inspiration for true love, you always remain, With your ineffable look and idyllic thoughts, Your dulcet expressions are very iridescent, When two lovers are kissing in garden.
The world I live in is hazy, The life I am living is faint, There's a whole world inside my head, Coming into reality.   I walk around in the haze,
Sadness is inevitable Getting over it is incredible With so many emotions coursing through my veins It's hard to believe that I still have a myriad of things to gain
Outpourings of my soul Pathways to my mind Overflows of my heart Portraits of the “real me” inside   Desire and dream dancing oh so freely Fear and pain relenting as they lose secrecy
I spend my calm and lonely nights suspended wordlessly in my mind. These nights though saddening are the reason I am me. Thoughts fly by my eyes as images, words, and light. We discover ourselves in that night.
I stand. I look up and see such a beautiful view, a view of a future that a desperately long to pursue. It seems so close, if I just reach out my hand.  I try to float to this dream, but I remain where I stand. 
The air around was abundant but i still felt as if i was suffocating, streets flooded with nothing but it i screamed "someone save me." Like when you are parched for water
Dear dreaming child, You sleep peacefully Knowing that when You awake, you will Arise to the beautiful Sunshine shining Brightly on your Dreaming face. All Of your troubles fade
This poem is the story of my life It is a messy one. And I've shed tears of hope and strife. Oh look, there goes another one.   When a person really cares they'll do what'ere it takes
Closed. There's a dream in my head and it's making me Ill. Swimming, These aren't my thoughts. I wouldn't couldn't never would do that. But I did. Dreams
It all started with a dream in the night, I just knew that I needed to write, everything down that my mind had created.   I was in a new world with wonderful new places, and many new faces,
Reality fading, imagination laid waitingEach moment seeming just as unreal as the last: Out of the window brought a pleasant view,As the sun sets warm hues fill the air.Bringing upon an ample end to a long dayJust when I thought satisfaction was p
Keeps me on my toes like a dancer  Watch my words curtsey at the end of each line Enunciating as if my words didn't fall short with country Not ready to confess, but I'll write 
In my dreams, the nightmares of my mind,My subconscious torments me, Bringing me horror as I sleep.Making me debate whether sleep is friend or foe,
Mountains and canyons beyond what eyes can see The clay earth beneath is subliminally icy Misty air follows me along the path I savor its taste as it swirls in wrath
Release Pent up, building, rising  About to break the dam Emotions, feelings, stirrings of the soul   Relief Flooding, washing, overflowing From the rivers of abundant thought
Tonight should be made holy,it should be painted with lightsand up there, in heaven, together with themshould your luminous face reside.Tonight should be kept safebetween your eyelashes 
On the days you don’t feel appreciated Just know that we are here To guide you through the thunderstorms And comfort you out of fear  
One still night, In some stolen moment passed, From my slumber Mountained a hush and, From this hush, Rose death   His calloused grip Sent Fear slowly soaking Down from my scalp
Roses are red and violets are blue this the story of my life i'm about to tell you i'm a just simple guy i could simply be but this world seems so different to me i growed up believing i can be anything
Lift me up in fingers of wind Let me float freely in their grasp May clouds carry me gently Make me balance on horizons Have stars sing me to sleep Hear the moon make a melody
There is no dream without realityAnd no reality without a dream.Sometimes we dream a realityThen it is hard to realise It was just a dreamLet us be Honest and Never hide behind a Mask And enjoy our dreamsBut allways face reality.How Nice or bitter
Most people dream of big houses,Fancy cars, More money than they know what to do with Not meI dream ofHaving enough money to pay for foodLiving in a house and not a parkI dream of
His words lift my heart On wings like an eagle's So it soars. His voice surrounds me. "Shawnee." That is what I am hearing. Then I awake to find that it was only just a dream.
Oh, the lovely corner, a home and friend of mine. Oh, the lovely corner, your comfort is divine.   Oh, the lovely corner,
i called you babe last night in a dream you stuttered but said love what do you need? and made me your heart and i felt whole again by being just yours every hair on end you took my hand
    Why is it that we want farfetched objects? Perhaps it’s the thought of having something,
Soft pattering on the roof,A steady blanket of feather-light rain bathes my house.The dark periwinkle color peeking in through the blinds;It's safe.  Paws padding softly over to the window,
Shall I compare him to Romeo himself? His eyes they glisten like Carribean seas. He prays for those in sickness and health, and gives to those who never say please.  
Bang! The gun blew, I stand there beseeched as my love falls to the ground, lifeless and empty. I run farther than I've ever gone going through the endless hall as if there was end that can be achieved.
Oh beauty that lays in slumber,How do you fareSo calm and sereneYet so truthful and hideousLoved by none prayed by allYou are hated for taking loved ones Oh beauty in deep sleep,Do not shed your tearsYou turn worlds upside downDestroy homes and br
I drift through an endless space, reacquainting myself again  With the parallel black lines Stacked on top of each other with infallible precision In a backdrop of a cream filling, rich as buttercream topping on a cake
There is no skin color, There are no religions, That is the way it is. We all become warriors, That is the way it is.   There are no differences, No Hate, Just Love,
My imagination chauffeurs my sensation. Safely to where? I don’t care.   Afar from my fears, and my worthless tears. Keeping my thoughts from my battles fought. In the rain to ease the pain.
Eyes were like a window Transparent as glass Revealing nothing but the slate concrete and ruffled grass beyond them Gripping his sky-clad hand hard, We trekked down the quiet road
I grew up in a world rife with uncertainty Afraid to lift my head up high, Afraid to contemplate a future where life was worth experiencing. At every corner there was a struggle,
There is a fire inside all of us.   It starts off as a spark, then it connects with your soul and ERUPTS
There was a newer world I entered once; We always flew from one place to the next. Blinked an eye and there I was; no distance; The mirrors disguised me, I felt perplexed.
Empires rise and fall Yet I Dream Inventions are built from the dreams I send I still wander in my world I painted What do I dream I do not know
Dreams, dreams
We became friends in 11th grade English, her and I. I wish more than friends, but there was another guy. A guy she had dated the last two years.
  I feel relaxing, As I look at the flowers Colorful, cheerful, and bright. ……………………………. Summer, hot, and the sun No cold, no snow, and no school Sea, beach, and the tan. ………………………………
Dream Jess was a goddess  she was glowing in a field we decorated everything the sky and the ground and ourselves we slept in the same bed shared a blanket, stayed real warm
Lost in your world I see,Such magic, creativity,Your a divine soul full of wonder,Stuck in the land of slumber.
A dream of a distant time. A battle-field filled with rage. Land filled with both blood and rain. We both lie in-between the dead. We cry as one of us is departing into an eternal slumber. 
If sleep is the cousin of death what is a dream You keep falling into the depth and it could seem Closed eyes awaken Wake up to mistaken Perceptions of the physical Loss of analytical skill
You are the Earth's most stunning mytery. Scientists have tried to figure you out. Under a shade you hide your history, Nobody seems to know what you're about.   I guess you think you're being humble,
My mind races with my dreams.What it is I seek is somethingWorth more than a nine to five,Worth more than a park to drive, Worth more than a pay check in my hands,For I will find my satisfaction.
I am A Sister     A Best Friend,         Family. I am the Oldest.      I am the Middle.         I am the Youngest. I breathe in Board Games,  Books,    Movies.
She was like a meteor falling down from the sky If only I can catch her, maybe she will be my farewell It’s not like the passage of time that heals,
Forever, I love this film. Maybe it talks of fantasy, but it's all very real to me: the love, the magic, the emotions. I am the girl, the girl is me. If I am at a loss, I watch the film.
                                   The dark that engulfs                                                             The missing piece of my life                                                             Where I am asleep
Maybe it was just this year I suddenly became old. Old hit me with crying over Facebook videos in the middle of the night.
I live in the stories that I create, in the books that I read and make, the stories in my head because it is better instead. I imagine many things, many horrible things, things wonderful,
My Dream was a reality until a Nightmare came into play. Secretcy and lies overcame my reality and it's nothing more than a dream.
Those who dream... Do you dream of relief? Do you dream of happiness? Do you dream of another world? Do you dream of acceptance? Do you dream of release? Those who dream... Those who dream...
She's 16, and she's living the dream. come home late, parents don't even care where she been. got a tattoo about a year ago, and no one even knows. she prides herself on the fact she's able to get away, with any and everything.
Silence The Pressure Builds Silence is Present in Silent Space The Pressure Builds Silence Echoes through the Unknown The Pressure Builds Silence Reverberates across the Expanse
Air so strong Though none breathe in The awe of dreams Which come from within   The choice is here What will it be? To dream a dream Or die in fear
I had a dream like prophecy and I am an angel losing faith.  
Could you believe that I used to fly?  I used to actually go somewhere in my dreams.  Now I awaken and pull my comfort up around my chin.  Linger in the warmth of the dark.  I used to be summer strawberries 
There’s a tapping noise repeating like a never ending intro And a light that I should know is only coming from my window When my eyes are closed I cannot shake this ever playing chorus
On the day of July 20, 1969 A fateful man changed the outlook of mankind The first steps he recorded in outer space Captivated and astonished the entire human race Now as I look up at the moon and the stars
Born a girl But read a book And now what is she, A he An it? Doesn’t she know the pain he causes others When it Or xe? Decides a thousand things In a single day?  
Yeah, I fell in love once. Thought he was a nice guy. Turned out to be sorry, so I moved on to the next guy. He wasn’t half bad. Didn’t treat me like he should, so I had to give him up.
My love for you will never cease, a blessing or a curse may be. My withered heart will forever dream despite the havoc memories wreak.   Pain is fading as the nights retreat,
Oh to have a beard, that is my dearest wish.  I am so smooth and hairless just like a little fish.    It would be smooth and silky like ladies underwear
The Stooge of a teacher grabs the ruler. He's walking towards you as you sit helplessly at your desk Just prior to him providing you with a massive strike,   You wake up screaming, You had it again.
As I lay me down to sleep
I called myself a realist, But truth I would resist, I woke up from this dream
I loved days like these.
Awaiting Dream A shadow unhindered By that of the past and those who refuse to forget From age four to forty the record keeps score,
Sometimes I feel like wasting my time Being here doing nothing, letting life go by But through it all I begin to remember The wonderful blessing it is to be alive.  
You chased away my fear Drowned me with passion Held on to me Unexpectedly stole my heart   I was sealed with fate From the first day we met With your sweet kiss From a shower of love
Lots of thinking in this cold night, dreams and decisions to be accomplished.    The Sun blazing hot, the birds chirping with a melody of peace.  
I wake up to a new days come, it's time to start bringing income. I'm no longer a carefree teen, it's time to become well aware to the world at seen. This world is based on money, sad but true, been knowing that since by the age of 2.
When the lights are shining down on you You finally realize that what you have worked for Strived for all year Comes down to a mere three minutes on stage So you leave your heart on the stage
Stumbling aimlessly down a dismal, unlit road, Unconsciously steering myself towards pristine beginnings. A world anew, sky white as the driven snow, but in a split fraction of a moment,
I stand before you, I don't judge A sea of faces Many colors but all the same You all have potential to dream the dream To live a life full of passion, the world changers.
They say I'm crazy, I'm all alone But thats not true, they just don't know That while they party, drink and dope I think of my future with excess hope Where I can travel, near and far
Sudden 15 minute poem before I sleep because Why not.
I am in an empty casing. My soul is hitting walls and edges.
Ten minutes is ticking. Can't find the time losing such minutes. Close to such hours I wait patiently, for my moment to shine. I ask myself when will that be?
Dancing in a ring of fire Hoping that your dreams aspire But the drive down the road Is one you'll make all alone All of your wishes and hopes One day you'll climb all the ropes
I'm cold. A chill in the air. Wood fire dwindling to smolders. Ash crisped cinders to share. Cotton between our shoulders. That endearing musk of burnt wood.
The last day before your good Goodbye I do hope to see you one more time Dreamt of the time to pass and say Hi
Magical nights; the Milky Way, This is where I want to stay; In a place where you fall asleep To the rhythm of falling raindrops and counting sheep. Where you can catch the stars,
One day the night’s shadow will creep upon the vast skies,
Adrenaline rose and we got out And stopped to stare and look about A frightning scene, as it should be Still I moved close for him to hold me   Scary monsters breathed in my face
Once upon a time I had a story too- Once upon a time my voice meant something too- But, that mattered none to you-  Because once upon a time is only fairy tale you said to me-
I'm Daniel at warFacing the tallest of the GiantsMy rocks won't reachMy voice muffled in the echoes of silence
Seeing the sunrise peak from behind the city skyline The mirror image in the soft waves below Feeling the the sun's warmth brush against the back of my neck During a beautiful winter day
A young boy studies pre-med   to become a doctor, he said   Back hunched over facts punched   in his mind, courses never too kind   That was once a dream of white coats and stethoscopes
I travel the whole world
I have this theory  If only we could fall asleep in each other's arms,  I am certain we would dream peacefully together;  Perfectly harmonized.  Our hearts would thump softly and steadily; 
If you were not human  just a clone... I think I would still crave you. One life is all I have in the scheme of it all.. When I am slipping away at slumber a ticket for one... 
  I awoke to the world One morning   Then I covered my head And went back to my slumber   Learned my lesson For sure   
I wanna tell you the truth but I don't want to live another lie Truth is that I still love you because true feelings never die Truth is that I really miss you I msis the real us The you I can trust
What ever happened to our American dream?Did it fade in the past,
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
Bump, bump, bump, the needle goes. Stitch after stitch; they form a row. Two pieces of fabric sewn to make a seam. Sew, pull, cut; it becomes a routine.   Hard work and imagination you need
What I'm about to say is from what I've learned No matter your agreement or concern Poetry can be written by anyone No matter by paper or touge Your reason or cause
Mental growth is fuel. flawless and perseverant. Dreams become goals. Go.  
I'm just another colored kid living in the suburbs. Picket fences all around, all painted my neighbors color.
A pearl, Dipped in love and frosted with perfection,
In my fantasy I can do anythingI dream, I fly, and soar through the skyThat twinkles with the mesmerising stars of the universe
I get up  at 5 in the morning for 5 days and 1 day I have to be out the door by 1. On the Seventh day God allowed Himself to rest from his labors But I am not so lucky. Family is dear and preious to me
Being flawless isn't always easy. To achieve true beauty, you must believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I never let myself see the downside of my dream. You work hard, you smile at every
You are not invisible not in any way, shape, or form. I know you see things differently. you dont have a "set in stone" way of thinking. You think of evrything, possibly, too often.
It is kind of a funny story
He keeps me up
I’m not sure what I am feeling.
Tonight existed an icy one, nothing occurred truly stature absent; we clashed at the crowning of the peek witnessing for the yesterday's mantle without a real sense of direction.  
From today until tomorrow, years later to forever I want to make an impact that would change the world There are moments when we see the violence coming and no one is in sight to stop it
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
First I learned to crawl and then I learned to stand up tall. Next I learned how to walk and run And now at full speed, a young woman I am to become. My growth is flawless.
To wish upon a star Is to latch your dreams onto the insubstantial To meld fantasy into reality And believe in something magical The tiny pinpricks of light Each the capital of its own nation
Struggled, cried, the tears I wept My dream of music had a passionate affect I wanted to be a music teacher but it was out of reach  The only thing I wanted to do was teach Later on my tears dried
Born from Tragedy, A weak Seed planted in the Garden of Grief,
They left you a piece of coal Take revenge by becoming a diamond And no diamond can be made without pressure. After the pressure of your past and problems you overcame
Moments conceived of sporadic gathering
A tempest,  a hasty knock,  swept away, planks and branches, drenched by a collapsing sight.  There's only one window to pass through for an airplane to crash onto, for sleet, for icebergs,
I am like a man, flawed and broken, left on the hot sand to fry and crisp like a token. The shell created by social brutality falls away to reveal the shining soul climbing through harsh reality,
A 17 year old child applying for college, built for success, wisdom, and knowledge. A plethora of information has been deposited into him, But due to his black skin many have trained him on a whim.
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
As I fall inside of my bed and I begin to dream, I start to see pictures running through my head and they begin to feel real. I can’t tell what is real and what is fake anymore.
A narrow mind needs not to dream And I want a dreamer to dream with me. So, before we part, it's this you must know: You were a fanciful one, as far as dreams go.
Creepy, crawly, furry little train fellow, Looping up and looping down, Giggling on your wiggling way. Chew, chew, and do chew some more!
What happens when an astronaut is upside down?   The blood rushes to his head, And suddenly he is out.  
vertiginous thoughts occupy space                 in my head where there was none each thought jets by my naked eye                 shot from a smoking gun lascivious intents spew words
A tree on stage watch me grow, but i guarantee not a sellout show.
I wouldn't be the flawless person I am today if life hadn't taken it's course.
You only live once This words aren't a guarantee For miraculous safety Rather it is a dreamful promise To think of the opportunity you may miss While facing your dream
Many girls all dream for this thing:
Consciousness is the art of being aware of one's existence.
The rumors came first I warned my family that the trucks would be next, I said we could go to the the middle of nowhere. They said we could wait it out right here. In my dream, there was no context.  
If  I cry or if I'm down My resillence picks me back up My legs may be strong but my mindset is stronger My confidence is not found in a cup When I feel weak I say, "I'm strong" and that just does the trick
Dear Motivation,   
I too had a dream that one day we would stop all the violence in the streets and keep the peace
There was a girl who dreamed to fly, She wanted to be great and leave her cage, They all said she couldn't and had to stay where it was safe, So one night she leaves,It's not as bright as it seemed, 
I don't want to be like any other
Life being bullied A young girl sullied
A normal sleep One that starts off slow Lay Down into bed and away I will go   Soon I find myself vibrating It scares me at first when I don't open my eyes
Laying alone once again, picturing a better time. Listening to a familiar note. Reading a repedative word. The same over and over and over. When will it change? 
I fell in love with a Spanish boy today, his hair, tossled
2000 chances were handed out in hopes that they would never be used  the number on the cards and people waiting for just one call to come in confused   2000 pieces of hope were believed in
I don't if is been the movies or my friends, I have recently become an addict for a woman's fur, their beautiful skin and beautiful lips make me go crazy, if only I had a special girl that could fulfill my thirst,
We all search for that lighthouse When we're hopeless, in need of direction, it's not there. When you close your eyes and imagine, you can see the light. You find it.
The shadows get darker as the moon now dims the chill on my spine from the slow moving wind. The world passes by at a quite unusual pace walking through the shadows I see a familiar face.
When I dared to finally take my own steps, and when I dared to go my own direction, I found and learned about myself without the intention.   I left my home country and studied abroad
They say you only dream In black and white. If that's the case I've never seen Such vivid blacks and stunning whites As run through my mind at night.   Longing, peril, mystery; 
Senior year turned cold one day. I fell on the ground and didn't have anything to say I held on my stomach and cried a little or more than that a nurse brought a wheelchair over on which i sat
Growing up,  I wanted to fulfill my parents dreams. Be a doctor, become a suregon. I wanted all that and then some. I wanted to go into the military, and attach fallen limbs.
I'm that weird girl that sits in the back The quieter you are the less attention you attract Though I'm not the only one who would rather it dark At times I find those with that same unique heart  
A playful conversation Interrupted By an unexpected call: Hello? I tense with panic As the voice on the other end Breathlessly exudes hysteria Searching for the keys to my car
The soft wind whispers slowly in my ear,
In the not so distant future
Before I go to bed I always read a book But as I was reading my whole body shook I heard a loud rumble then closed my eyes Thought this was a dream filled with demise I opened them again and what did I see
I met her by the seasideAlmost in a tranceAs sunshine shone upon herAnd skipping waves did dance.She called me with a whisperThrough the ocean air,But as I did approach her
I dreamt of clouds in skies of blueWith crimson streaks of light,And all around there was the soundOf laughter and delight.Where worries were a memoryForgotten long ago,
The best thing we can doupon closing our eyesat the end of a long dayis to dreamfor a dreamis a landscape, a playground, of realm of possibility
Who Am I... I am hopes and dreams The visions of things That people wish to see But may never be Because everyone wants, but no one tries And with no effort, all hope dies
Times are tough, some times things are rough, don't stress, dream big. Some people will doubt you, some will say that you can't , Prove them wrong. Keep dreaming big, Don't have fear.
Each night I lay awake Waiting and waiting To listen to that little voice.   It’s the voice Of my heart,
I often dream of dreams dreams of flying dreams of dying dreams where I wake up crying dreams defying   All the lot dreamed of weddings. I dreamed of settings dreamed of regretting
We dream about anything to absolutely everything. It's time now this new idea of a new millennium, centenium Coming only every few years or so. Don't think you're delirious because I'm being serious.
A dark day begins as clouds cover the sky My heart slowly burns and starts to dry I thought I had my life planned out So I could catch my dream But now I must start over and choose a different string  
Do you dare to dream? Do you dare to dream in this land filled with problems? Do you dare to dream in a world filled with hatred, that would instantly swallow anything puff of dreams? Do you dare to dream?  
Twas a dark night. The sky was a black void And stars shined freely. Wind was blowing swiftly as I stood alone. I was given but one mission, To get rid of a greatly known villain.
I dream of flying High in the sky Spreading my wings And starting to glide   I will be like a bird Flapping my wings Migrating to wherever I feel I will be free  
I love  you  You love me 
Darkness circles the area of the box I'm in! Them, they only see me standing there in glory, open space, with a smile as bright as sin,
A film to me is beauty    This job is my dream and the key to all glory and happiness    To be behind the camera while shooting a scene would make my head unwind   
Dreams DreamingWritten by Adam M. SnowDreams dreaming,awake nor asleep.A worldly escape-lies true true lies.
Word after word
You use to be my Luke Sky-Walker, and now you are my Hans Solo. (Star Wars) You were tired of monkeying around. (Jungle Book)
My life, is great compared to some others, There is no logic for me to worry, I am loved by both father and mother, Thanks to whom, I never need to hurry.   Yet I live in the world, surrounded by:
I heard you speak now I want to hear you more I heard you laugh now I want to make you laugh more I saw your smile now I want to make you smile more I saw your eyes now I want to gaze at them more 
Dive, Into each word defining your soul, like a never ending ocean of bliss emotion.   Deep, Dive deep, into yourself, like you are the pacific with unknown depths.   Deeper,
This is for the people. This is for MY people. This is for the people who see the possibilities, know their capabilities, love their personality, those who have the tendency, the decency to be themselves.
There she was, under the bridge, beckoning me home again. Her hair like sunlight, amidst the darkness of the trees. Her milk white skin glistening in the mist. Her eyes were piercing, the temptation was strong.
I am not the only one in the White Room. Sheer fabric whispers from the windows Goblet in hand, I drink to the Grecian lady White dress, raven ringlets frame the face Of porcelain A laugh escapes
Traveling on my sub-conscience whim
Pitter patter pitter patter The rain falls so softly As I sit and drink my coffee Thinking to myself how peaceful that day would be Sitting there writing poetry Sinking in my chair
One night, as I slept, I dreamt a dream of voices. In my dream,  I saw young choirs, In the choirs, I saw young children.   But no matter what,  I heard wonderful singers-
Let's take off our shoes and run through the grass,
I walk along a field of grey
I crawled but then I slipped I sought to be but bumbled I walked and then I tripped I dared and soon was humbled
Sitting alone Knowing what I have done
Have you ever thought about your future? What it would be like when your fifty For me it feels like a mess in my head Sometimes I go to bed thinking about what's coming ahead
I'm homeless I'm lonely I'm an alcoholic Considered a stain upon the society Nothing to offer, Except my wastes and the breath exhaled from my lungs I may not have much of anything by my name.
What is it to dream?
Life is a blessing. But death a cold reminder, Of the brevity of dreams.
Close your eyes, my dear. Let the breeze from the window tickle across your cheeks and flutter your eyes till you fall asleep. The day has been long, you have been strong, wrestling through the weeds,
There is an oppressor of dreams, but me I am wild and I am free I am the bird whose thoughts happen to be made of stardust and motivation even though every member of civilization refuses to believe.
I like to think when two roads diverged in a yellow wood I took the one less traveled, but instead, I feel as if I have forged my way amidst the trees and debris somewhere between them both.  
Its sad how those with all the economic resources are born into the glamorous life of a rich education. They might not want it but yet again, they might. I know I want it but I wasn't born white. I wasn't born into that life.
Woke up in a dream under asphalt treessoaked in the sap of the sweltering citywearing these old rat rags               and sneering at the concreteGreyscale mindset stitched into my sleeve
Dragged through the brink of extinction to a new introduction
My imagining is free.
5am. Irish cream. Did I really wake up, or was it just a dream? Did I really heal? Did you or did you not help me? Is this really ending? When did I get so clingy?  
Why am I here? Once, as a girl, I dreamt a of a big wide world.
The sun beats down Hot on her pale neck As she pauses and brushes away A single droplet of sweat Not a cloud to be seen Nor a breeze to be felt As she adjusts her sleeves And tightens her belt
A moment A sound, a silent message They remind of the dreams we had The dreams now gone We dreamt of happiness for all We dreamt of what could not be We dream of futures for all
Aren’t laws and regulations supposed to be great for our country? Well, I am a clear example that this is not true The government thinks that separating a family because of immigration issues is ok
Is anyone on the other side of this silent phone call? Anticipation stirs even the seventh time I dailed your number. My hope returns when I hear your voice and drops when I hear the pause in the same word.
What can you do when there are no other options left
Lets play pretend and everything that happens we will pretend it never ever... happened   Then we will wake up perferably next to each other we will wake up
I started from nothing. 
I have a dream, A dream where young black men won’t be on the streets pushin’. I have a dream, A dream where young black women won’t be on the streets pushin’, A stroller that is. See she is 20 years old,
I gaze in starry wonder Galaxies, stars, and dreams Beautiful hope for days to come Take hold my dreams One day I will fly One day I will soar and visit stars Remember those days?
I asked you to hear,                                                                                                                            Hear me out,                                                                                          
Follow the rabbit in a waistcoat looking at his watch.
I dream constantly and consistently During long silences and pauses And right before I fall asleep The beginning is sweet and pulls me in My eyelids get heavier And I am dragged deeper
I have a dream that one day equality will mean just that. Marriage is a right for everyone. I have a dream that one day discrimination will no longer exist.
I haven't met you. I haven't seen you.
Sleep  I dream of sleep Yet when I go to catch some, it always evades me   Sleep It is what I need Yet somehow i always end up unable to catch some Z's   Sleep 
I went roaming (Villanelle poem) I went roaming in their territory, They can break and bruise me, I'll never stop fighting Snickering and doubting me, I am neither strong nor skilled,
Everyone has dreams. 
The distant have grown apart Farther away then my wing can expand Across my world, It becoming more and more bipolar, It fading away Like a foggy morning
There is a world yes where a mouse can talk and ride a floating carpet
Here angels stand with weighted wings Caged only but by fear Not a feather to see sky nor cloud Here they stand earth bound   Here flies the angel who took a leap
He has no home she has no water he's cold she's hungry  
I took a journey, Through time and space, Didn’t know what I was looking for, But amazed by what I found… I ended up in a familiar place.
The Dream Society has expectations for you Go finish college
To the little girls on bedroom floor, praying for swollen breasts and long hair. To the teenage woman, trading incoccence like baseball cards for what they believe is acceptance, 
Spring: Morning beauty As I hear the birds chirp Flowers blossoming from the ground Summer: Sun beaming down on my skin Kids playing in the beach sand I splash into the cold water
When we are young
Life's not all about fun and game, Life's not all about sex and fame,
Because my mother was an immigrant, and young, and single, I've been written off. They say I am most likely to drop out of school and become pregnant out of high school like my mother.
It can be any of them. Just please give me one. They don't have to be playing Frozen; the job doesn't have to be fun.   I want to sweep the floors, take your tickets, show you your seat,
T  eaching is the job for me E  ducating teens with intensity A  ll the while instilling integrity
I can admit that I'm not the same person as I was when I was young I feel my experiences have raised me  Shaped me, into the person I have become Through all the talent shows
Whenever I dream, I create some crazy things. The light bulb lights up.
My dream job is not  too popular, but one that completes me. To feed the poor, clothe the naked, share some water if need be.   It calls me when I see the homeless.   It calls me when I feel hungry.
Bright Lights shining over a long catwalk Models strut the latest to the latest For the latest Fads and trends and worldwide blends
I am alive I am living this nightmare I am drowning in your eyes They're staring cold back at me I am scared Of what your mind holds for me   I am asleep I am tossing and turning
Closing my eyes,  I dream. I dream of my future.
A window i
Looking out at the crowd,  Realizing this life is yours. Living and breathing what you love It's what you worked for  all the dedication and time But now is your time to shine
One can look at the stars One might see just pin points of light in the inky black sky One might see those points connected together in pictures and stories
      To read words, Is to take in a brand new world
I always wish I would one day wake up  Wishing the last 10 years was a dream Wishing this pain away All the tears and scars gone All my pain and sorrow My heart was real again and not just a black hole
The American Dream is about having the esteem to be who you want to be.
To shine, save lives, conquer, and fly Those were our dreams before trying to survive Now it’s money, wealth, and superiority for what we’re forced to strive But God bless the soul who wants otherwise
High in the sky Yet so close to the earth Airplanes fascinate yet discriminate gravity I want to soar, free like birds from birth Instead I am trapped by the lack of knowledge to fly
To Be a Animator-I have to focus on the body to the movtion of the wind from the sky to birds to a woman like me.  
I dream of having a voice traveling the world to see the ways of people in other countries live to write about what I come across and the observations I have made  
The Dream  Starts with college and hard work Thats the opurtunity to make millions  My paths not cut in clear yet but I know I'm on my way Because greatness is a mind set and that's all you
There is only one job for me And that is to be whoever I want to be It shouldn't be all about money it shouldn't be a constant feeling of "love me"  doing the right thing should be the motivation
I dream of becoming a nurse, Coming to aid those of sicknesses hoping to not get worse Care for individuals and families,
Has a person ever seen such darkness? What makes this real? Tender kisses and blind movements, All just to feel.
Waiting for the  Dreamer on the sidelines  To make their move 
Eighteen years have come  And soon they will be gone For what I have dreamed of Is no reality  Raised in the West With the ideals of the East Standing out as an individual 
I’m Tired  Tired of being told I can’t do something Tired of being told I’m too slow Tired of being told I’m too small Tired of being told I’m to week I’m Tired
Pleasure. But only for a few hours, until the high is over. Tension rises till the climax is reached. And when it hits it's done.
Oh mother i say as i watched tv how I wish that could be me. 
Run away from your problems but where can you go? Run away from your nightmares but you keep drifting off into a distant sleep you want to wake up be told your whole life is a dream
So far, no longer With technology and mind stronger Galileo could never dream that in reach was the moon's seam. With my own hands  and Armstrong's stands the Moon--light years away
To save a life, is my dream. To save a life, is my one job; focus and hard work is what i do to get the job done, The saver of people is my title.
tap tap, tap tap, singing to the beat now rap rap, rap rap creating strong words to flow with the sound. tap tap, tap tap constant mini shows rap rap, rap rap
"I'm not really here And soon you won't be either. It happens to all of us, So get ready! You're not beautiful, You're just strong. What are you even doing with your life? Moving forward or
  One of Two, Brilliant Miracles             Walk among lands of gold             Live life bold in new and old             Love and see a world with splendor
I dream of style and fashion
Your pillow
The rap game is constantly changing Unfortunately, not for the better Instead of making songs about positivity, morals, and goals They're rapping about sex, cars, and  clothes
There's something to be said about self-expression About everyone knowing who you are Without you having to tell them In a world where you are one Of 7 billion people It's easy to feel lost.
Rocking with the beat of a thousand breaths My eyes following the language of symbols Synchronized with a hundred other masters My fingers moving quick and nimble    
The dream is always changing, yet it stays the same. To be a prima ballerina, to be a surgeon, a singer,  a broadway star. To be a proffessional hurdler. To be an astronuat.
Oh my goodness this gun weighs a ton Too much weight gave me a strain; I wonder why I have this gun   At last, we have the enemy on the run 
One breathe One shiver down my aching spine One heart that yearns so deeply for a dream so far out of my reach
I once had a dream about the perfect life; Where people don't sin and always forgive; Sharing was tolerant and kindness was shown; That place is paradise somewhere unknown;
I dont have a dream, i have a reality i wont let it be taken away from me because you found some fucking technicality My grades arent perfect, this i'll will admit but ill work my ass off to make the puzzle fit
Late night studying  In due time will turn into Late night saving lives
To help out children, to watch them thrive; A social worker, helping kids come alive. My job for those neglected and abused, For the little ones who have been misused. Social Work and Psychology and a degree,
Take a breath,  just a breath, lay back and start to dream.  Let it carry you away,  far away, to a land of possiblility.  Take a breath, just a breath, lay back and live the dream,
I had the attitude of the Mariner, the golden hair of the Human Torch, and my abs were covered by Indiana Jones' shirt. I was the opposite of a cur. I was dreaming.
As humans. We can get things ourselves. We have thumbs I aspire to be a veteranarian. I can accomplish this goal on my own ...But what about those who are helpless Like newborn babies
Exhausted Working forty hour weeks At a job you don’t belong Nobody appreciative of your efforts  
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
Over and over we're told, "Pick something you'll enjoy" "You're gonna be stuck with it" "What is important to you?" But, where are the people asking how they can help us get there? I want to be that person.
These hands do all of the hard work in this life
My future In my mind, my future is filled with success In my mind, my future is not filled with disappointment But, that is simply impossible  The future is unpredictable   
Beyond a dream on a stage it isn't about me it isn't about fans, fame, fortune or other words thrown around by those who have too much and give nothing
Lay down your little head And go to sleep Pretend that life is a dream And your dreams are life That when you lay your head And say good night Your traveling to
I only want one job in this life, It's the only goal I have set with my mind. To help others in hard times, To save a sad man's wife. I have to be a doctor, with all of my heart.
I close my eyes and what do I see? I see myself just looking at me I am full of regret and sadness too on what could have been, had I not listened to you  
Helping others have always been a part of me.To see them smile, to see who they end up to be.Before, they look down as if they felt shamed.They don't understand that I am not there to blame.
I wish you called me baby like her. But as soon as your lips curved, The barely audible sound waves pierced the air, I wish you hadn’t. It’s just not the same and every time you do
I’m the girl who is always lost in her thoughts The girl who created entire civilizations in her head
日本語で 小説を書く したかった   Nihongo de Shousetsu wo kaku Shitakatta   I wanted to write a novel in Japanese.   今までも
  Obstacles here and there,
What is your job? Is it something you dread? Fear? Hate? It shouldn't be.   What should your job be? Your job should be something you enjoy Love. Anticipate.
I went on an afternoon run, to see if I could find you. 
Parents... can give me life, Teachers... will teach me curriculum, College Professors... will teach me knowledge, Medical School Professors... will provide me a mental tool,
From the day you were born, you've been feeling vile scorn, for the future they say is so bright. The school that you stay in, The church that you pray in, Just trying to snuff out the light.
What is in my way? In the way of my dream? Incorrect phrasing. Who is in my way? Is it the society that surrounds me? No. Is it my dad who wants me to be a money-maker? No.
sometimes i dream of you tendrils creeping wrapping around my heart choking out its last few beats   (( thump thump --- ))
Patient #: Mr./Mrs. Wants-To-Recover ID #:  02012544...No longer wishes to suffer Diagnosis: Part of me torn asunder due to one silly little blunder   Physical Therapist: Nathan D. Optimist
i am but a dream to you And in this I am shattered Something you can manipulate Into pieces until i am tattered. We have forces, you and i separating dark from light though i stand with open arms
My one goal in life is to be a writer someone nice and peaceful, not a fitgher. I don't care if I have to write in a cellar just as long as one day, I'm a best seller. People don't even have to know my name,
    I walk in. Adrenaline, excitement, panic, and love crash into me all at once. I look up. Hundreds of lights, thousands of colors, and endless possibilities hang above me. I look out.
Imagine a world  Where you serve daily Give daily Put everyone else before you, daily Imagine a world.    Imagine a world  WIth daily smiles Daily laughters
A dentist I want to be. A dream that I want to meet. Hard journey it is. But is all for me. Is only one job. It going to be known. Ill do my best. To be up there. I want to suceed.
Once, I wanted to be in a rock band, Jammin’ on the piano. In my made-up band, “The Treelimbs”   For a while, that dream stood, And I was encouraged to dream, But that’s not what I want to do.
So I walk aimlesslyWithout aim   Where did I come from?Well, that’s a trivial matter  
I have dreamed of the world, trying to impact and leave my mark. First I was sure I wanted to be a Psychologist, then a Marine, then a Historian, then a narc. To help everyone, my pride unfurled. To instill some semblance of Law and Order.
I had a dream in the past before, a woman so perfect who made my heart roar, her voice echoed through each waking moment, I would feel her touch when my body jolted.
Dreams kee
Dream marvelously entered in an oven, I kept it moist. Dream, dream, dream, A delicious dream, Vivid cake full of fresh berries and fluffy cream. Dream, dream, dream, A sparkling dream,
I dream of flying not in the sky, but in the way that a dream soaring far above our heads can lift our feet into the air. I dream of meaning something. Not to myself
I was five and wanted to be a mermaid,
As I sit here and contemplate,I would want to do something I'm passionate about,Such as skate.To be a professional has been my life long dreamSeeing kids riding my pro boards, repping my team.
Some have dreams, others have visions. It's all about setting up your goals with percision.  Born, one day, sitting in an old classroom the next.  But, you know, you won't be like the rest. 
We live in a world Where we can't live without jewels, We were trained To be overworked money churning machines, And to let our dreams be held down by pins. Wall Street was the aim
I dream all the time 
Hard Work             Drive through flames             Face the endless nights             Burn doubt and all else             Arise higher than the sun            
I can romanticize anything   Books, jobs, boys Toys! This list is endless.   I am a clear romantic at heart I can spin a tale and have that tale Be invigorating, special, fun, exciting
There are two worlds in the World that God created. One is that people that can hear and hurt  and the other is people  that can't hear  My Number one dream Job would be to connect these to world.
I believe in my dreams I believe in these streams My dream is to create things Some things may create beings I wish to write stories  Maybe some over the glories I hope to make true games
My feet take me wherever I go, my feet take me far. I have Deep Deep pains, large bruises, and scars. So wherever I go, I know my feet will take me, Job of dreams, smiles and glee.
   I have dreams, A nd they all start with "me", The kind of dreams that are bright and colorful and b
My sister and I have never been close.  When she was in high school, and I was in middle school, we barely talked at all, except at the dinner table or a not-so-occasional quarrel.  When she left for college, I could not have been more relieved.
as i picked up my dad's guitar  i thought "yeah, i got this" and i wowed the audience with a flawless rendition of puff the magic dragon drawing my influences from the 1973 gibson itself  
Ive always had such a passion for little kids seeing them running around and laughing. The joy of them has always put a smile on my face their smiles make me feel a warm fuzzy feeling.
Dreams are a place where the mind visions everything Some are nightmares Other sweet dreams
  Welcome to my Nightmare   She broke another bowl today. It was the second one this week.
One job? Honestly? I want to be a published writer. Nothing ambiguous, just a poet. Of course, I want to be a hero, A dreamer, A strong spirit,
The reel is inserted Lights are blinding The Sound is speed Cameras begin to roll
All my life I dreamed of exploring the ocean. Seeing the different marine life, Feeling what it's like to be surrounded by emptiness. I also love to work on automobiles,
A rush of iced ocean beneath my feet, Whirr of the helicopter in time with my heart beat. Clad in orange, and goggles too,
One, two, three.
I count the day's sitting in the weary cold so beaten down I shall not grow bold less the morning light washes me clean, then my purer heart might be seen, tip toe my dreams
The sickled sling which cast doubts beckons from the blackened light.  An inevitable dream that awakens me abruptly, haunts my ever waking moment.
I saw you pass by my open window and your scent of flowers came rushing in I watched as you crossed the stone path laid before you Like a queen following the royal carpet laid before her  
The touch of a Crush    - so enamored & amorous still Certainly real w/ authenticity & setting so seductive That I would be Washed between two passions Two loves
One thing that no one can take from me is my ima
I often like to think of you like 
On the sidelines
I fall asleep Images form I'm panting I'm running In a dark alley leading to a maze  In a lean swaying building I hear my name  Shouted Numerous times A variety of voices 
Don't ever give up. Where would we be if Abraham Lincoln didn't end slavery, fixing humanity as if it's a broken cup?
Sahara heat pierces the air
Is it to fall in a chasm An abyss of despair, To view the horrifying images of eternity? To wake up From a coma And feel the urgency
Whether you want to be a famous basketball star or a congressman, don't let others say you can't It is your life-your dream, not theirs Don't let them make you do something you don't want
Nothing happens unless first we dream. And indeed I did. I dreamt, I hoped, I wished upon a star, And I prayed. I called out for mercy And begged on my knees, Crying for some sanity to emerge.
Walking into my classroom Sitting on a stool Eating ice cream. Washing dishes Having a snow fight Throwing water balloons. Doing a car wash Dancing in the rain Taking a shower.
In the night, she woke in various states of detachment. Real was not real; what is real? Reality? Such a permanent thing, to be thought of as only living In the day, but why?
I stand at the window looking at the rain run down like my pain I close my eyes then feel feeling the blood I shed I lay slowly to the floor my body starts to shake I can feel the hole in my shirt from the gun you blow once I start to see the lig
The dream to be more is a road unsure Desperate for change, it starts in me Dust off those words, those thoughts that torture The Light reaches out to set me free Take the stand and make it pure
Dream of a world in which the seas do not shove,And in which the tide never declines offers,And where the clouds are more reliable.Dream of where the grass can be whatever color you please,
To love and to be loved are two different things; especially to a girl. In order for a girl to love, she needs to be loved. On the other hand, in order for a man to love,
Stop searching,Let it go,There are times to use your eyes,for now, let it flow.Be the being of brokenhearted brutality,if that’s who you are.
Hiding behind closed doors of broken dreams and promises never lasting  Stuck behind the mirror of reflection  Reminiscing on what ifs and what could have beens  Why can't I leave My head..
You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you see the guy of your dreams pass by. But then you realize that he will never be yours, he just a beautiful dream that you need to wake up from but you just don't want to.
I Praise with my hands folded                 And my knees bended. I’ll Praise standing and seated,                 Wherever I might be. Praising with a trail in front of me
and i never kissed your supple cherry lips
In the morning light A Poem by Larry Cruikshank
I come from a beautiful land that has a rich culture, delicious food, and extreme heat! I was born and raised in Nigeria and this will forever be my world.
  Every once in a while, someone will bring you down,
This poem does contain footnotes on the bottom that may be used for clarification since there are many obscure references. 
An unquenchable fire in your heart Yet held at bay by the confinements of failure
I yearn to learn what I do not live, knowing it will never all be known.  I flee to see what I have not, knowing it will never all be seen.  I keel to feel what experience brings; knowing it will never all be felt.
The sound of laughter Helped me realize my dream. I want to save lives.
I only see you in my dreams though I look for you always when I'm walking down the street and in every crowd I look out hoping to see your face (dreading actually seeing you, 
Don't give up, on your dreams. Hold your breath, count to 3. Close your eyes, sound asleep.  Watch you go, on your run.   Don't let anyone. Don't let anyone tell you.
In honor of MLK day, I wrote this poem.  He had a dream for us, and now it is our turn to make his dream a reality.  R.I.P. to MLK and his queen, Coretta...this poem is for you...  
Look Up And see the  big red building spreading out in front of you like a horizon begging you  to reach out and touch it. Home. And you stand
Pencil to paper, Lead into words. Words into mind, Mind into birds. These birds take off and fling into dreams; Dreams that inspire, Strewn into steam; The steam of my efforts.
Of all the billions of people  He chose me He made me love him He made me trust him He made me believe I could get better He listened, he did not judge me He fixed me
I keep myself in a notebook under my bed. I think in song. I dream in poems. I believe in incohesive pictures flashing a mile per minute. Like speeding cars on a highway,
Raw emotion pours from my soul. Like a winding road, it cannot be defined by a straight line. It turns, then rises. Veers, then dips.  
As one of those who comes and goes,and tries to keep her smile,she sees the world for what it iswith optimistic eyes.Art keeps her worried mind at ease
They see youBut theydontseeYOUYou smile and laugh unawareYour eyes, your smile, your faceThats all they need to seeSome stare.Others ignore.But nobody knowsWhat you feel
   Every night, she dreams about her love.
Dream, dream, dream, I wanna be a dreamer Keep, keep, keep on stitchin up the seams so I wanna say goodbye, I never got the chance
Dream, dream, dream, I wanna be a dreamer Keep, keep, keep on stitchin up the seams so I wanna say goodbye, I never got the chance
In my dream, you walked beside me Along soft breeze and rolling sea At sunrise, waves of sand churned free Filling my heart with bliss and glee  
I keep having dreams about you because in my dreams you would answer me every night, without fail I keep having dreams about you because you'd reply
the summer sun could not shine as brightly as you do when we're laughing together
as i swam across the atlantic a fish stopped me
You're not happy in your
I am young and full of talent,
Black atmosphere, purple park on fire my flesh desired Black spiked hair with a bruised face stepping, grass crunching, heart race
“Lucky”   One day at school hands shot up across the room, for show and tell.   Lailah went to Disney world. She had her mouse ear cap on and pictures glued to a piece
Looking up into the sky into the endless blue seeing all the clouds passing by the green balloon bright and new The little girl was shining with glee this was pur happiness 
They say... That friendship lasts forever,
They call me a dreamer,
I had a dream- that I woke up and everything was lovely.
As I lie in bed, With a pillow under my head; Being me, No one can see, So what can I be? Making decision, Is like making crucial incisions;
I wish I would of known this before, to save myself from your door. But we all have lessons to learn, even if we get a minor burn. Like Martin Luther King, I gave you my rights and everything.
Use your creativity          Make your dreams become reality      As I go throughout my journey      I will learn new things       My insight will become clearer         Dreams are and can be intellectual    But anybody can dream      Like Martin
A dream is not something to take lightly A dream is not something to parade around A dream is something to hold close to your heart for fear someone may steal it A dream is something your heart knows you need
I've become so numb Nothing left to feel Who am I? Sleepless nights & nightmares at day What have I become? Life has morphed into a dizzy dream Tossing and turning to get through
Born somewhere Don't know how to spell the fucking place Grew up in Texas Figured my life would be here Case made Nothing but America in my trace No! No! No! Can't go to college 'cause you a fake
So many choices. Are there?      Can we live just anywhere?          Or must we share the hidden fear           Of those who made us travel here?                       
Won't you stay the night? To call me your "short-haired beauty" again. To stay up all night with me and talk. To tell me things of your past, present, and future. To hug me, maybe kiss me.
My soul succumbs
To dream is once yet a word To me it means more than the world A vision, a goal
Young minds, Greater minds Sometimes a little hard to find Steadfast and they infuse Thoughts full of voice and and full of virtue Young Dreamers, Eyes open Always awake to this world, Never miss a moment
I am body and my body is bone And in this body, my mind makes its home Ask me, tell me, teach me, it rushes
Dear Mom,     Hi.     Wow. This is Hard.
I went to a place, A far, far away land. A land, filled with wonders. No, not Narnia. That one's next. No, I went to a better place. A land with a captain and a hook, A crocodile and a clock,
Why do you say I can’t go to a college? So because I was not born in this country? This is unfair! what about all my knowledge?
I ran. As fast as I could. To try to get away from him. From the hurt. But he always found me. I screamed. I ran the other way. But I found myself in the end back in his house.
    I am a fixer,
I dream, One day you would want me. One day you would notice me. One day you would forget work. One day you would write me. One day you would study me. One day you would intice me,
Belladonna     A beauty that illuminates such carnation hue   You defiled me with your sinful pleasure  
A kiss is just a kiss  Until you find the one you love, A hug is just a hug Until you find the one you're always thinking of. A dream is just a dream Until it comes true, Love was just a word
A dream. Something I came up with. It came from my imagination. A fantasy.   Can it be real? Something I can touch. It came from the earth. A reality.   A lie.
Playing Paul VI. Camden Catholic's biggest rival. Down 52-50 with 20 seconds remaining. Cole steps onto the court playing in his first playoff game. He rubs his hands along the back of his shoes to remove the dust and quickly squeaks his shoes.
Drowning in flowers, Swimming in weeds I dive deep into an endless abyss of imagination, creation and all that is my inspiration. I don't know where I am going But I know it will be greem.
Insanity is near,I can feel it with every tear. I'm waiting for the time to be just right, For the come of the rabbit that is snow white.  
Slaying privateers with my blunderbuss, The queen's lap dogs surrendering without a fuss,-- Remember this for the test: PV=nRT-- I took their ship, not caring if I was brusk.   I can't seem to shake her.
It's so cold here, is this what it's like, to know I'm done and through, imminent end in sight? ~ I can't see, feeling this tingle in my fingertips, Is this what it's like, to lose my grip? ~
I'm finally here Right where I want to be It seems as if it has taken forever For me to see so clear But here I am A college student Making her way through classrooms and side walks
Oh the time of time in a timeless time where not a care  lingers 'round we leave ourselves and become  someone else and imagination goes unbound
Imagination, set me free Take me far from here Set me high up in a tree Give me the chance to disappear   I’m going to swim across the sea I wanna fly high off the ground
  I see nothing Nothing but her I just stare And she’s beautiful Her soft eyes stare cautiously And her hair falls It’s always falling Soft skin Pure- not a flaw
The history of our ancestors have been painted on the walls of the earth/ Painted by war, painted by death, but hopefully these paintbrush strokes by God’s right hand may color life onto our canvass/
This life is such a chore All I ever wanted was to be more More than just another one Who goes through life and then is done I wanted to be the one that fights To hold up what is true and right
Let's go to a dream world, let's lay in the imaginary grasslands. Lay your hair amongst the wildflowers, and look above at the many hands, our hands, and hands of centuries, reaching towards the sky,
Reality is distant as a dream/Images become harder to procure/Shattering reailty at the seams./When the old ones continue to endure,/Seeing the shadow of a missed smile,/Wishful thinking wasted on times long gone,/Easily lost like sun on a dial/Li
Living this life teaches more than the books. Loving to lust, that gets us hooked. Liking the guy, wanting his touch, your parents find out and think you’re doing too much. They instill fear just to achieve power.
Wanting to fulfill a dream is more than just dreaming. You got to act, innovate and create. Things just don't come when you lay in your bed, They come when that knowledge is being used in your head.
A warming smile, an enchanting laugh. A crumbling sensation within the realms of my soul. He was the stars that lit up my body, yet the un-denying darkness that consumed my heart.
You like me, I like you. We got together, And I'm happy 'cause it's true.   You see me, And I see you. Both of us smile 'Cause it's what we always do.   When I kiss you,
Each day prepares us For that furture we strive for The blood, sweat and tears Proof of all our endeavours Waiting for the day when our passion and career are finally one  
  Can you withstand the Barrage of false hopes, crumbling Promises, and dying dreams Pressed upon you each day
Teachers yell and scream students trying the chase their dreams noone by their side kids asking why   Teachers don't undestand why no work is getting done all you hear is blame  
I fell in love when I first saw you, Though now you are a hazy shape. I fell in love when I first spoke to you, Even as you faded away. Though we are worlds apart, And we may never meet.
In the darkness of the room I hear your still, cold breaths I hold a candle light infront of my broken body I uncover the mask you hide behind   Discovering something wild You are standing there
What are dreams? Childish fantasies come alight? the fabric of imagination - a seam? Are they tears of the moon? the effects of a fever? hallucinations that have bloomed?
To dream is to know to believe to hope.   To dream is to imagine to wonder of lands beyond your own.   To dream is to love with unfailing bound.
you caught me upon a fallen starand wished me away to thedesert Mars. A dead plain with foreign menof simple things in a nightmare, awaken me to humanity.
Soft skin grazes, touches, kisses the curves so gently it almost misses but my electric skin knows, feels yours. Shocks of the-best-thing-ever course through my body,
I cannot walk down the street Or I can I just choose not to, Because why would you Walk in a place where your skin is your identity And your rights are engraved in your pigment
I arrived out of the dark night Runnin', runnin' Runnin' for my life, I saw left I saw right I forgot what was right Then I decided to go left Going left was going deaf
Most of you think that we dont belong to a world like yours. That we should go back, and never come back.  Most of you think that we dont have the right to be free, to work and to talk, like you do.
Sometimes I wake up by the door & catch me waiting for you, even when I know you won't be there. It's this hope that I hold, that one day you will be standing at my door.
I slowly walk home day after day— taking in the sounds of strangers. Men and women—that spend their lives in a constant hurry, a constant mess, a constant disarray. Living for the American Dream,
Destroyed from the inside out,A tragedy sinners do not mourn.No pity for a star.   Here bright and burning,Here dark and cold,Alive as a star,Dead as a star.  
Will that be far enough for you? If I go to Greece and am INSPIRED Will that inspire you? If I find my DREAM in France Will that convince you? If I LIVE my dream in China
I looked in the mirror and saw a little girl, who could it be? could it be me? And that little girl had dreams and hopes but those dreams turn into a fantasy And those hope started to fade away;
You missed it, everything looks wrong, that there doesn't fit, the moments gone.   The angles off, the flash is too bright,
Have you ever seen eyes that speak sermons.Respirations that birth holy spirits.With those kind of eyelids that are like curtains,Blocking out sunlight that flowers cherish.
I have no room to judge Living on the street, they never seem to budge Living off a dollar or a penny Everyone's afraid to give Thinking that people gone spend it on henny But that's how they learned to live
If I could but for one moment keep at bay the pain, the suffering, the sorrow If I could but for one moment Still the tempest Bring back the blush of life into the cold pale faces
Imagination is a place, completely up to you, You can live in a tall brick house, or sleep in an old shoe. You can make an entire world, or maybe just a street,
Your panting, screaming, something’s coming, but you cannot tell what, You run into a new room, and make sure the door is shut. You think of what could be chasing, hidden from afar,
Remember the time when nothing went wrong ? You went through the day like a endless song ? Now you're confused and you can't find your way Why does it always have to result in this ?
In the winter, cold and bleak, I sat upon my window seat. Looking out into the world, I saw a bird perched in the snow. No doubt this bird was wishing for a drop of gold,
  Rewind back to a time... Back to a time when things Were slow and serene. Back to a time when I had a dream Was more than a tweet... It meant something.   Make no mistake-
Dream Big Dream Small Dream through it all Through the easy and the rough, Even if it becomes very tough Doesn't matter what your dream is. Dream on, Dream on. Mr. King had a Dream
I always knew there were demons out there,                                                                                                                                                                              You tried so hard to lock them
everday I wonder what i'll do next if i will take another step closer to my dreams in a world full of uncertanty I must keep dreaming that one day my dream will come true
Liberation is like a ringing in your ear. Silence is like the golden sun. My friendship lasts like tree trunks. My pain is exhausted wildfire. Understanding is my unlocking key, and compassion is my locket.
I was cold and feared nothing. I wait for death because I feel nothing. Thought I hated everything and love nothing. She cracked into my heart of stone now I feel something.
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
A broken heart is like a broken dreamA wold left cold as stoneA place of darkness never to be seenI see you walk away as tears fill my eyesThis is a world where love can never survive
I can feel it, you know. the names and the lies -she's nothing- they say -fat, ugly, stupid and dry- but they whisper it you see so I guess that makes better especially when they're nice to my face
I knew where I was headed, Lost in thought, nose in a book: Dragons, fairies, elves and sugar plum days. Every thought, every move.
     What sly, sneaky dogs gentleman can be,disguising themselves to others to have a sort of innocent fluency. But what man can truly stand with his girl and not look at another,or struggle not to?
Ode to the man with two jobs In public he smiles, but alone he sobs Working hard for nothing Only seeking for a little something His wife works too But this is nothing new Always worrying about rent
How can you have hate For the color of my skin I've done nothing wrong Is me living life a sin I'm a person, a human Like each and every one of you I've done nothing to harm
I think I saw a robbery today.A man just fiddling with the door.He looked at me watching,I know he saw. He looked me in the eyesI just stood there frozenI knew what he was thinking.I was going to die.
Pitter Patter on the floor Tiny hands examine the cracked and worn door Tiny hands grab hold of my flustered heart and input fragmented memories A burst of light in the dark Explode out of my soul and into my lungs
There was a little butterfly, and someone told it not to fly. So now that little butterfly,  is too afraid to fly.    Someone came along,  and clipped its wings. With words,
This morning I woke To a dusting of snow That God did sprinkle On us mortals below   The driveway did sparkle The frost did gleam While I, disgruntled Returned to my dream
I'm just speaking because I have a voice Writing because its my choice Drawing to tell these illusions, hoping somebody can cure my confusion I can't tell where I'm going things change every second
He appeared from thin air, And whisked her off her feet. She had only seen him in her dreams, Hoping one day that they'd meet.
sorrow and pain tears of pity who shall regurgitate the best sob story next set me free i beg set me free
It is an escape from reality, reality that is at times hard to bear, when nothing feels right, and my heart aches to fit in, but yearns for privacy, that is when I sneak,
  Why is it that when time flies by, dreams start to fade? Bright butterflies in the sky shrivel up and die, No longer is there light.   Optimism turns to pessimism, One’s Light is barely there.
kicking dust as i move ahead, instead of getting down and dirty. i could, but i’m more of an insider as you can see these sounds; the synergy of cooperation and contemplation
Walking through the streets, hear the past of faded other. Listen to their words, as they try, but never guide you.  
I remember when the fireflies danced in the night When hearts grew warmer, as coldness sprouted to life. When a single sign of affection brewed a storm inside of me and I pursued the glimpse of happiness.
Many dream of popularity, riches, and wealth, but what they overlook is the guidance to the right of your shelf. Act like this, act like that, and be who you see, but life isn't all about being who you percieve. 
For my first offspring im prepared to raise a prince So he dnt make the same mistakes I made ima give him hints Tell him you can achieve anything you want but remember that everything isn't for everyone
She wanted it more than anything.Nothing could slow her down.Slight mistakes wouldn’t even sting.And in the end she’d be wearing the crown.
All my life, it's been a journey. A constant struggle up hill, against the constant tide that only seems to bring me further from shore.
I trying hard to live in this life but this life is living in me i dont know what more i can take or who i can be   Society is a sin Voilating Gods will which we cannot
We were holding handsYou were looking at meThe way boys always doWhen they want something moreI got up and walked awayI just wanted spaceWe were on a couch in a clothing store
Gold and red-checkered lips. Pink and purple plumage in pin-curled hair. Corsets colliding with chosen partners. Flickers of light from silver sequins scattering the ballroom.
There once was a river that flowed downstream, It wished and it washed itself into a dream, It wanted to make itself into a clean, Huge flying aircraft machine, It was impossible to say the least,
  Ten to keep me smiling ten to keep me strong all my little sheep could never do me wrong each one is a gift each a divine creation they are all themselves and all of them, my salvation
Exhaustion plays its tricks on meWhen the night has met its closeWith each tick my clock laughs at meTaunting all my woes Late hours bring deep thoughtsOf how useless it all seems
I have caught myself, talking to my mind again. It’s alright, nothing to worry about. I like it that way. Being in a place where you are me and I is you. We are all the same. We are all myself. Now the thoughts are creeping in.. Because lately you
She was born weak and fragile Son tiny and full of joy Ode to her starving soul   As she aged, became confused and mentally abused Always called ugly, stupid , dumb, and even worthless
shes tough, she plays hard to get, she makes you smile like you were five again. laugh like a kid and makes you feel like theres nothing in the world but you and her. she is like the angel frim the sky  but she is buetiful and amazing.
I slip into a dream Every time I wake up Of happiness, sadness, Love, and lust. I look at the map, Take a glance at the sun, And follow the path. To God's glory I run. Sweet sapphire eyes
Where have you been?Where have you gone?I sing sad melodiesof how i was wrongand i can't even dreamwithout you in my armsso its best to believewe just dont belong
The daedal dreamer danced around divas Dallying with dangerous daredevils Yet at dawn her daringness drove out depressingly Its a dead end, she decays over the defeat Deeply dependent on her dear Danny
            From time to time I've scribbled rhymes, and written on a wide-ruled page. Praying for inspiration to crash and fall like tidal waves.
High School is almost over. And recently I have been getting asked the big question, What do I want to be when I grow up? I smile and answer, "I don't know yet"
Even when everybody else falls,  I'll still be standing.  Even when the sun sets,  I'll still be shining,  Like the stars above  Or the glistening in the sea,  I'll shine bright 
Life is for dreamers And I’m a huge believer Always taking the chance To make my dreams come true Going through struggles as I’m on my way And never looking back because I’m here to stay
  Frozenhours passed.How did I end up here? A place I've never been, never knewnear the darker side,I'm terrified.Frozen. 
I dread stealthy darkness, sneaky darkness Smothering silence is what you got with darkness Loneliness lurking through evening till morning Nightmares roaring, insomnia tossing turning
Fairytales I never used to believe in fairytales I’m not like Cinderella when the clock strikes 12. Won’t prick my finger and fall asleep Or become a prisoner and love a beast. But I met you
I remember the things i would do just to get high. A trade here, a borrow here, an i owe you one to its for something important. Just to get high. Meeting strangers, sex for drugs, drugs for sex. Just to get high.
Who are you? Who am I? Am I your child or am I your toy? Am I a reflection of who you are or who you wanted to be? Am I someone you can feed your dirty lies to? Someone to hide all your secrets.
This is your love insurance plan, from a man feeling this grand in your comppasion, here I stand in the   sand, as your ocean waves, amaze, got me in a daze as I gaze into your Haze, brown crystal balls of  
It starts of as a dream but to everyone your just making a scene.  You see the bright lights in the big city, even though your at the park in the dark.  The first time you step on the field your just another kid. 
This is a different kind of love song Eli’s comin, hide your heart girl     No one knows what it’s like, to be hated, like I do
I twist and turn in my sleep, Facing yet another nightmare Once again I was slipping into the darkness And once again your sweet angelic voice brings me back You float gracefully towards my writhing body
A young girl wandering along the sand, Letting the breeze take her where it wants. Excited yet nervous for what is ahead, but feeling like a Xylophone, being pounded by the world. And yet she does not give up,
I can see it Far away in the Distance it waits And so I run Run toward what sits So far away I don’t stop Don’t slow down I keep pushing Faster and faster
The first day I saw you I thought it was meant to be  But it had to be you Who would turn me into what I didn't want to be I had dreamt about you Man it took me a while to realize
Seafarers speak of a mother, yet do they mean the woman who bore them or the blessed virgin whose child granted them salvation? No, not they.  The one of whom they speak, they sing, is angry, is cruel,
feelings go unrequited because you have high standards, havent found anyone quite like it. now your fate decided, you're striving to find someone thats trying, to understand you like they're psychic. they come around, but you never buy it.
Rings of love around our fingures We promised to death do us part To love forever and ever. Trouble and hardship will not tear us apart We will love eachother with all our hears.
I am sitting in a chair, thinking of your words, knowing that it wasn't going to be, so this time I know that I would be lonely. I walk into the room and the time passes by, I soon begin to forget...
The TV told me I was inadequate, So I am. My phone told me to share my thoughts, So I did. My computer told me to stay inside, So here I sit. My music told me that rebelling was fun, So I tried.
  Why can’t we go back to the bouncy house? When we were young and it didn’t matter that we were boys and girls, before cooties and sweaty palms.
Dreams may seem impossible to others but threw the eyes of the dreamer they're no more but a series of challenges leading to our own hearts desires We were raised to believe that we can be anything
Poetry is the soul, written in ink You might as well ask me Why do I breath, why do I think? These words set my thoughts free They are a state of mind, unleashed  
AT the end of the day the only place I love to be is in my bed waiting for Mr.
His eyes as I said goodbye hurt worse than the pain of being with him. In them I saw an accusation In them I saw a potent hurt I remembered an unexpected, breathless kiss
Come with me, my love, through the fire and flamesThe thickets and thistlesThe fences and wallsI ride with you
I miss you my darlingThe way sun misses morningI miss you my love the way the tide craves the moonYou showed me a smile means more than a taleYou showed me the world has more than I seeThis was destined
I live my life so I can strive to make a difference with an inference of the pursuit of happiness in the american dream which gleams brightly in the distance.   you're almost there you can almost taste it
  Drifting through the endless winds Life seems nothing but empty words I had hope to find something to keep me grounded to this reality But it seems all that I found were more reasons to leave 
(poems go her My Dream In high school I never knew what I wanted to be, I ran around doing whatever, thinking I was free.
I’m not an exceptionTo the ruleYet, I try so hardI’m like one grain in the sandA particle in the skyI’m nothing but a spectacleYet, I try so hard
  How   How can you pull the trigger, take a life, and walk away? Knowing this person made away, save generations.   African American male. Strong built.
Did it see me, I could not tell, those demon's eyes, were a tranfixed spell, it tore the fabric of reality, and pressed its weight upon my chest, this was to be my final rest,
Your eyes are temptation,  your presence is bliss, the stars are our muse as we walk, talk, and stare... Me at the most fare, you at a glare, as we walk & make new memories.
(poems go here) I write to inform you as the world comforms you they flaunt the flashy cars and diamond rings but they dont tell you what they do to get these things used to sell the American Dream
I'm sad. But I shouldn't be- My life is  great. But I worry a lot- about health, money, school, and life. Do I have goals? Maybe. Or I may just exist
Hush this innocent sleeping voice, as mother rocks u to the sweet and calming timber of her song. A teddy bear sleeping in a corner will dance the light in the room, give u a plump little kiss.
  Why am I crying... Why would I shed a tear with no reason behind it... Is my life leading me towards unhappiness, Or am I just shedding a tear for each person that suffers each day.
  I do what I love. I am passionate about what I do. I dance. It takes feelings and emotion to dance with passion.  
Writing is about the fluidity you have as a writer, as a storyteller. You have to pick and choose the words you use. Craft them to your will. Make them paint a picture.    Poetry is a very pure form of 
The world we live in today is like a big game of follow the leader Everyone wants to portray the things that they seeon T.V. Me?  Well I just want to be me Just because the rapper in the video has money an cars
What poetry means to me? That’s what you ask? Tis a question I can’t answer so fast To respond, my thoughts have to go way back It starts in 7th grade, a time and place I felt misunderstood
Dreaming, He came. He had everything to give but his love. He left. Dreaming, He came. He had nothing to give but his love. He stayed.
In my vivid imagination I see nothing left but black, The colors and bright lights I saw have faded out at last Like every heart broken girl, I've lost what I had loved,
  Sometimes nothing holds me together, The bond is ruined straight from the seam. I look around and reach through forever,
I left them... Last night I had a dream the world was ending, I was reduced to ant size and lived with a snake,  she was friendly but scary,  green and alive, I am awake now, paying my credit card
I write to express, I've never truly cared about impression. I write to not dissappoint, Too many have already invested in my personal success and, I owe it to them to at least try to do unlike the rest,
We buy our sterotypes off of tv subconsciencely we feed our ignorance without a black face and watermelon red lips but with a pretty face and round ass we've become americas number one pupets our sistahs aunties and mothers have been degraded to o
He told her they’ll be together in the future he told her he loves her he wants her and that this will never end
Poetry is my everything, It is the air I breath, It is the blood that flows through my viens, Without it, My heart wont beat, My brain would over heat, It keeps my stable,
Why build borders, When you can build dreams. Why break down dreams, When you can break down borders. My journey was of a thousand miles And my heart kept going like an engine.
(poems go here) See they messed up the truth its more like "make up" take "cover girl"  so you can face the fact they dont want more  women like esther or ruth
The dream wasn’t to be accepted, but to be equal.I still dream not to see race, but to see people.We can’t imagine love with hearts full of hatredLove your enemies, even those who are racist.
They are small, yet influential. Young, but surprisingly intelligent. Having spent so much time with them, I have come to love them dearly. Like my own family, I care for them. Their growth is my main priority.
The reason I try so strenuously Is waiting at the end of this tunnel Relief and Accomplishment is there. To embrace me in their arms. To take me to cloud nine. To forever fill my heart with joy.
What do you think when your not with him? Or does he even cross your mind? What does it feel like when you hear him call someone else your name? Or does it even effect you?
Dreams our sincerest kept secrets Our heart desires that burn like raging fires. Things that we can't or won't say aloud
Trying to ignore my screams But baby give me one more kiss. Make my spirit soar With just one more. Cuz we know it's a lie But we'll never say goodbye. Baby let go of all your cares
Let's fall asleep, Have wonderful dreams, And never wake up. Let's take a walk, Have an adventure, And never come back. Let's cry a tear, Have one sad day, And never cry again.
When life seems to be passing by I new I couldn't let my memories fly The beautiful sparkling water, the green trees, the views The pains in this life, the trials, the hard times, the times of pure determination
There will be a day when you ignore someone you loved dearly. There will be a day when you will never see who use to be your best friend. There will be a day when you smile along with your worst enemies.
Awake, My breath slows and my palms chill to the breeze Direction of his arms are curious For I know not what is in store A slight peck, or a ghastly getaway? Eyes are closed to relieve the tension
(poems go here) I saw a man in the grocery store. He had a little girl with him. Probably his daughter, she was about 4. I swear I had seen him before. I looked into his eyes and started to remember more.
PAIN IS A stab in the back Is Worse than being stabbed in the front Why? It is similar to being blindly robbed by friends Accepting it without leashing white fury
Hear and animate the next line Breathing like each breath may be the last one Sensational beats within that body Til...Dead God blew breath into us Gave two legs Two ears, Two eyes, and Two arms
Zero worries about my fate for it is predestined It does not mean it is alright to sit and wait for presents Rather wasting time is wasting potential and life is thus compressed
The future is so uncertain Although there are days that it’s all I think about. Where will I be? What will I be doing? & more importantly who will be there? It’s crazy…
Directions lead to being Ready to make choices. Everything you hope for is All reality. Making it your world So you can believe in dreams.
On a pillow I lay my head when I am tired, time for bed! It's as soft as a cloud, as white as sheep, Thank heavens it's time to go to sleep. On a pillow I lay my head, now I wish I had not read.
(every word that runs through my brain. but will never show for myself for my action for every word. but every moment i take is for you my love. ur the motivation and sigh and emotion i can take out in a piece of paper.
Fond I am of restful thought during the wee hours of dark nights. Closing lids of flesh to bring visions in to sights. To no avail remaining sightless of vivid delights in mind.
Poetry defines what I am It allows me forms of expression Poetry is what I am It is my personal show of emotion
What’s a dream when it only lasts until you wake up? And there’s never a way of knowing if it will ever come true. If only we can choose when to experience déjà vu. Then I would choose to relive every moment with you.
I write because life is hard It’s like a deck of cards There’s no control of the hand you get You just have to play and place your bet If luck is good and your faith is high
I am a prince, born into a luxurious home, I grew up to know what it’s like To be a full-blooded royal, it’s a hard life to dislike. It gives you a title of great power, like a lightning strike.
Just like birds sing, Wolves howl, Ants work And people love, I write because if i didn't I would die I write to express myself, I write to feel, I write to be who I am
Let me be the truth teller- The word weaver- The speaker of blunt truths that cut like knives. Let me be the brutally honest The ever-endless one who speaks her heart And sugarcoats nothing.
It's the weekend and I'm creeping with some friends. When it hits 7 o'clock my fun has to always end. I must come home before father gets home. Usually when he's home I wish that I was alone.
You see, my mind wanders into so many places and there are so many faces and places that I have so much to say about.
I come from a land of glad where no one is sad nor mad. They have lots of good toys for little girls and boys. This land of glad I say is not that far away. 'Tis like our land of cocaine and meth
I write of the stigma....of myself, In relation to the outer world....I write of me walking, In the middle of the changing world, and how I feel, As the clock of my consiousness is at a standstill....still wondering,
babe you runnin on my mind all day you got me not knowin what to do next thinkin like is he gonna come home tonight cleanin and stressin bout us and rent
Like fine silk slipping through cool hands The words flow from my fingers onto paper The ink drawling across a sheet of white Like a skater on ice Thoughts and emotions Heart-felts and heart-breaks
He speaks words of wisdom, love, and joyfulness peace is his home and he roams with grace as his swagger looking in from his window he is ordinary to the hues of the human eye
When I was a kid I would constantly dream About how I wanted my life to be But I was afraid that I might lose my life to mediocrity I feared not being able sustain my concentration
I grab my pen and I escape, My own world begins to shape; All my struggles fade away, Vivid colors replace the gray.
I'll have a dream tonight, you'll be the lead We'll walk through halls that seem to have no end We'll talk and smile and share our precious time, Together, hand in hand, how real it seems-
Initial diagnosis, devastating and extreme, The cancer festering inside Determined to destroy his dream.
It started with a kiss And you had me in bliss Wanted to make you my princess And nothing even felt amiss.
Surrounded by darkness, there stood a man; Owen Face to the sky, wondering why, oh yet again For as he gazed toward heaven There manifested, by his side, a brightness Formed in beauty, she was ageless
Dear Stranger,
Billions of blue oxygen molecules, suctioned and spinning down, a pair of gasping lungs, bunching into airy bouquets, perfumed with honeyed breath, I lose mine.
She was keen, smart and witty Uniquely created and exerted to be educated She outwardly appeared to be timid With a small esteem lacking of self Not good enough, not ever
Morning and the inevitable sigh A constant reminder of life So bright in the eyes Yet so empty from within
your pain, your thoughts, your dreams can never be replicated. your joy enlightens others even though you have grown and matured. life goes so quickly, don't wish it away.
I’ve spent half my damn life stuck behind this desk I wonder to myself why can’t we just leave out all the rest And slip away into the pouring rain Hopefully, to never be seen again Oh I hope so, I hope so
Sometimes I feel the need to peel myself like an orange. To strip myself of skin and society.
I wanted to reach the moon. They laughed and said I was a dreamer. I wanted to dive to the depths of the sea. They laughed and called me a fool. I wanted to sail around the world.
How does it feel to have your dreams thrown away At such a young age and all in one day? To have them tossed to the side, in the trash, and to the curb Without consideration to future endeavors
To fling my mind open In some place in my head To think && daydream Till time is dead But form an idea at the perfect time Beneath the lovely Heavens While God watches above Imagine like me
(Our vision to move forward in our different paths is constantly fogged by doubt and uncertainty often spouted by the voices. The Voices,like the fog, can obstruct the view of our desired path.
I was so excited to be begin my dream, But as I approached the room, nervousness sank in. My only issue is my shy personality, I have to get past it.
It’s just a dream, I tell myself with a smile of relief, As I awake from a scene of sorrow and grief. I shake it off and move on with my day, Hoping I’ll never again feel that way. On the other hand.
...My strange reality ...Starts out the same ...With a strange dream.
A brush of color through silvered night air, Paints a dragon’s false shape, starlit shining Majesty with which no one can compare. Aurous beast, streak through the wind like lightning
A place, a meaning, a voice, a dream and a goal Within the walls of this beautiful classroom, Students learn the secrets of life day by day They discover a little about themselves and of the world around them.
I am lost in the expanse of the night sky. Forever wandering amongst the beacons of light that fill this endless Cartographer's Dream. Waking only to forget what I have learned.
Elise by Henry Bertheaud
The rising of the crescent moon begins the wishing hour, The stars erupt, align, & appear with enchanting power, For lovers & dreamers, those lost & those found, The clouds will dissipate,
Six a.m. Alarm goes off Hit snooze And again And again Brush teeth Wash face Dress to impress Black coffee Out the door
When it senses my essence feel the cold presence Shiver from the sent chills down my spine it slowly invades my mind Silently scream within this dream life fades away it seems Wish I wasn't here
I am silence, I hear you scream You woke me up from my dream As heat strikes, I see the rising steam Mad at the world and it's regime Their judgments are extreme And they strike like a beam
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sit in your seats, For you are about to read a great play, Of nothing but deceit: We push the people we don’t understand, We drown in our sorrows, Yet extend our helping hand,
Have you ever been To the land of the lost? The place with no end? A place of thought? Everyone has been there. Everyone knows. Children want to live there. Adults tell them no.
There's a song for every story a story for every song. It's one thing you can count on in the days that are so long.
Shhhh! Do not you dare compare him to I! For he was not born within a skin that does not comply. I am beautiful, of this I have no doubt, But this is a fact, not a way to stand out.
I have a dream that one day all can be happy and the children That is all that matters to me
I'd ask to go for a walk, on a day when the sun shines. And we could forever talk, or get lost in each others eyes.
She's standing there as the leaves begin to fall, Memories flashing through her head blurring all. She looks around and begins to see who it was she use to be.
...restless days fold into restless nights... I reset my mind to unwind. counting sheep seldom works for me. recalling our memories, my personal bedtime lullabies, Forever seems to do the trick.
The rain, it is my comfort, when I sit, alone, in darkness, my thoughts completely consumed by you.
I am just a dreamcatcher Sitting high upon your wall I am just a dreamcatcher Trust me I have seen it all
Every Morning, I wake up to my father telling me to get ready for another day in the chamber. I strap on my clothing with a jumbled mind. I try to think of what I need but I quit and go straight to my bag.
Flying through the journey, Dying in the chasm pit, Although the mystery pulls me in, Still wanting to crawl out with mighty. I used to sleep all the time, Even so, I hope to be natural.
Shining in the darkness A sea of golden stars Twinkling at me every night. The peace of the silence lulls me to sleep The shimmering beckoning me To a land of dreams and adventure.
Where art my lover, Sleep? Hath she abandoned me for another’s bed? Whilst I lay here cold and alone Longing for her warm embrace? For no other can fill her place beside me None such mere a person
As I lie here awake, unable to sleep, I imagine a world where Hunger and poverty are a think in the past, and children in Africa No longer have to fear the rain or run from the cold.
I like radio static and sleeping by rivers in a tent, with wood smoke as my blanket and campfire glow as my pillow.
Jaw clenched, eyes shut, trapped in this nightmare that’s very much my reality. Everything that’s mine is no longer for me, everything I want is far out of reach. In my sleep, I dream of my every anxiety,
I am dreaming of a place. Not an ordinary place. A place that only lives in my dream. A place where I am always happy. A place where I never lose. A place where I can do whatever I choose.
It starts in a house that's been hallowed alone The tension remains but the spirits forlorn. It seems empty enough but just step inside there's somebody, something that continues to hide.
You are someone new, someone who hasn't been tainted by my memories Yet with you, my soul feels free. I can see you have a heart If I knocked, would you invite me in?
Buildings rise to heaven unconstrained Leaving the unexplained disappearance of the sun and moon My boots beat against the dirty, wet sidewalk after last night's rainfall.
I am Too Blind in the light Too fresh, too hood, too...Ghetto World uses me like a puppet; Geppeto African Americans need to Stop, and think We want to see the Intellectual abilities you can bring,
Sometimes I feel so small as if i were a blemish on the face of the moon, surrounded by craters; as if i were a grain of sand on the ledge of a mountain range, overwhelmed by the cliff.
Choose Between Hate or love WHITE OR BLACK Wrong or right Parents or soul mate Holding back or holding hands Being ashamed or being proud Seeing skin or seeing soul
I am not dark skin. I am the sound of deep cognition. I am the voice of thought-provoking composition. So, if you feel like you are fiending just to stay and listen;
attacked, chained and forced on ships brought to a land to face hardships there is a light shining above us illuminating our many shadeds of brown unique souls and great minds that shaped
What if everything was different? What if I wasn't gifted? What if I just gave up on my dream and never tried to live it? What if I'd paid attention? What if there was no addiction?
One man had a dream That dream asked us to put our preducies behind us That one dream asked every person, balck or white to join hands and look past the obvious differences
The hands that wrote that letter Sitting in that cell from Birmingham jail The hands that reached out and pushed against the ceiling of hate As it began to rise and slowly started to fall
They say this is the home of the brave and land of the free But it shouldn't take them 8 years just to hear our dream. There was never a throne, but there was a King. Proving Uncle Sam isn't as fair as he seems.
I am bound to my chain Never to be set free The state of my confinement is one that is definite A constant reminder that ensures my inhibition
It started with a man and a dream He held his dream high in his right hand, for the world to see It screamed, it yelled, it burst into motion Its message was “Set me free” There was no room in society for his dream
Dreaming of a new age which Requires all of us to work together for a brighter future.
I come from Sobbing sirens & broken traffic lights. Hangings in the daylight, Hooded figures breaking Bones, Bodies, Blacks.
I had a dream Where a world was free It never mattered who you are but what you will become I am fighting for a dream where I can be free It doesn't matter who I am Just what I want to become
“I have a dream,” he says. Dreams of justice, of children—both black and white—hand in hand, playing, dreams of freedom ringing through valleys and from mountaintops. Freedom. Where will he start?
The civil rights act of 1964, we stopped discrimination and ended the war. This was a dream, this was like heaven, counted on the vote of 73 to 27.
I've overcome… From the whips and chains.. I've overcome… From the bitter taste and sinking pains.. I've overcome… From the shackles and wounds that burn all day.. I've overcome…
Falling. The fresh taste of blood salts my lips. Rage. How dare I dream about a future that may never come? For dreams bring the pain, despair of hope. Hope for the better. Anything better.
Back in the ‘60’s the movement began From Memphis to Selma the freedom trains ran Rallies and demos the fires did fan As civil rights came into focus
America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, The Land of the Depraved and Enslaved Where voting is a universal right fought for by centuries of plight
In this great Melting Pot is there really room for more ingredients? Careers New Life Education They want it all Seeking far and low To become new creations Carrying stress and pressure on behind
When I Sleep, before I wake I'm in the car, I can't escape. Driving fast, windows down No one can help me, no one's around. It's much too silent, there are no words, And when I look over, everything is a blur.
His heart stained the floor a dull red, While his breaths escaped under his bed. Valiantly he fought the war but wound up dead, Although the war was only inside his head. Swords clashed; dragons spit fire.
Snap awake I'm full of fear Oh, its another nightmare Can't escape the staring faces running races I just can't win can't win
One night i had a dream. I dreamed i was walking along a darkened road, holding hands with a faceless man. As we walked scenes of my life flashed across the sky. I noticed that in every scene
Sad days, sad nights A little girl's nightmare What's worse? Staying awake Or dreaming of tornados?
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