Stranger in the Rain

I saw you pass by my open window

and your scent of flowers came rushing in

I watched as you crossed the stone path laid before you

Like a queen following the royal carpet laid before her


Rain began to pour upon you

but You neither flinched nor ran

I gazed the length of you

Appreciating the way your dress clung to every curve


That day you became my guilty pleasure

Recorded you in my mind like bird watchers do in their books

If only I too were out there with you

Maybe then I'd have learned your name


The way your lips tasted the drips of every drop

Fills me with longing to transcend into the clouds

So that I may fall into your lips

Being savored by a kiss


You continued on but I was stuck on becoming rain

The stone path snaked out of view

and with it, your presence wavered

All that's left were the puddles that a stranger left behind


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