My Disney Love Story

You use to be my Luke Sky-Walker, and now you are my Hans Solo. (Star Wars)
You were tired of monkeying around. (Jungle Book)
I wouldn't say; I'm in Love because I'm a tough girl and know how to tie my own sandals and everything. (Hercules)
I knew you Once Upon a Dream. (Sleeping Beauty)
 You showed me a Whole New. World (Aladdin)
You helped me See the Light. (Tangled)
You always make me feel like I Can Fly. Then you finally gave me a thimble, (Peter Pan)
and Kissed the Girl. (The Little Mermaid)
You are When My Life Begins. (Tangled)
You proved that Love is an Open Door. (Frozen)
Even though you never asked to Build a Snowman. (Frozen)
You help me when "I am lost". (Lilo & Stitch)
You'll always Be in My Heart, No matter what they say. (Tarzan)
You remind me that I will always have a friend in you. (Toy Story)
You tell me a Dream is a Wish my Heart Makes, when I'm fast asleep. (Cinderella)
And I've Got A DREAM! (Tangled)
A dream that we are a Tale as Old as Time, a song that always rhymes. (Beauty and the Beast)
And I hope we grow old together like Carl and Ellie Fredricksen. (UP!)
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