Wed, 11/26/2014 - 20:46 -- Mk1484

Dear Motivation, 


Where have you been Motivation? You have always been a subconscious part of me — a sort of agent acting on my behalf. You give me strength and dedication keeps me going... An immense amount of positive energy, converging passion and eagerness inside of me; eagerness to share the energy, and make an impact in this life. Lately, however, you have been absent. So I ask you again… where have you been Motivation?


I need you now more than ever, as I am facing many obstacles… many barriers… that I lack the ability overcome without you. You, Motivation, have helped me beat the stress, the tension, the frustration. You, Motivation, have never permitted anything to hinder my progression, my ability to overcome various obstacles, especially in those moments of exhaustion. I need you now… more than ever. 


The time has come where I must go forward, no slowing down, no more breaks. Without you, I don't even know where to begin. As I wake up, hopeless thoughts and fears seem to fall upon me like a blanket of metal that cannot me removed. My body weak, thoughts of fear control my mind; I lack the energy… the desire to lift this heavy blanket of encumbrances off of me. There is only one way for me to lift this blanket of fear, to deviate from this ubiquitous "comfort" zone, to become independent and unique; there is only one way… and that is through you, Motivation. I need you to come back to me, this time indefinitely; never to leave no matter what the circumstances. 


I wish to call on you, despite my current situation. With you, I really believe anything is possible. The notion of possibility will in turn restore hope and I could no longer feel helpless. Do you see the impact you have on my life? You, Motivation, are the determining factor of how my day is going to play out… You are the requisite link to possibility. You act as an arbitrator in my mind, alleviating any tension between hope and fear. Any conflict in my mind ceases at your presence.


Please, Motivation, come back and become part of me again. 


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