Follow the rabbit in a waistcoat looking at his watch.
You'll be late.
What a remarkable hole. Lets look inside
You're Falling.
Falling down the rabbit hole knock your noggin against the wood
You're in a mystical land. Full of wonder
Follow the talking cat to a crazy rabbit
To the table set for tea.
Take a seat, for you see, you're mad
We're all mad in Wonderland.
Look at the hatter and wake from the nightmare.
For his eyes are no longer there.
They're sockets.
These aren't rabbits. They're corpses.
You see. You're mad 
This isn't Wonderland. 
This is just a land where you wonder what has driven you bonkers.
You're off with you're own head.
This isn't Wonderland.
You aren't mad.
Not even bonkers. 
You're just understanding what's hidden between the lines.
Wake up from the nightmare.
See there is more than words on paper and more than what we hear. 
This is Your wonderland
And you're absolutely bonkers.


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