Manufactured Mind

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 23:26 -- jruiz


Thornberry Way
United States
42° 11' 16.782" N, 88° 21' 48.5136" W

A young boy studies pre-med


to become a doctor, he said


Back hunched over facts punched


in his mind, courses never too kind


That was once a dream of white coats and stethoscopes


but has now become one of shuffles and ball-changes.


Lights rain on his figure, music absorbs the atmosphere



Who said you mustn't change your focus


or take the road less travelled by


The yellow wood held the choice of walking the paved path or laying the tar on your own


But I’ve been told tar isn’t something you should touch


that it can ruin the very order of a society


Eating away like acid at the conveyer belt which carries the ultimate propriety


It stains the fingertips with vision and leaves a fume of imagination


tempting the being to lay just a little more tar to find the end of the horizon


They say it’s necessary to keep a level chin riding across the belt


because the slightest tilt toward the sky would remind a person of how the clouds


never seem to create the same form twice and resemble the lightness of individuality



So, let us all give in to the sky.


Let us allow for ourselves to dwell in the vastness, lifting our heads so high that we topple


backwards affecting the manufactured mind behind us


The inspiration of our daydream will create a domino affect along the assembly line


making "monotony" a word of the past


And like that young boy who once studied pre-med, we will all dance in our own way toward


the clouds where we have our residence.


A place filled with the unknown but the known that we must follow our dreams


from now until the future tense.

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