Dream Job


Texas Tech University
United States

I was five and wanted to be a mermaid,

but soon came to realize they don't exist.

I was seven and I wanted to be a veterinarian,

but they put dogs down and I had to resist.

I was ten and I wanted to be president,

                   but my accent when talking seemed to be a problem.

I was twelve and I wanted to be a lawyer, 

but I realized I was afraid of a squabble.

I was fifteen and I wanted to be a forensic scientist,

but T.V. shows don't demonstrate how it can be gory.

I was sixteen and I wanted to be a psychologist,

but I don't got patience to listen everyday to a sob story.

I was seventeed when I realized what I really wanted to be.

A doctor. For children.  A protector of those that are defenseless and innocent. 

That is who I want to be. Someone to make other's lives significant. 

I am now nineteen and I am still fully and passionately commited to pursue this dream.



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