Dream Chaser

A fun filled childhood

that consists of giggles, hugs and cartoons

A happy kid with no worries,

what a wonderful time it has been.

My family is joyful which makes this time most relishing

My friends are rambunctious but what kid isn’t?

I go to the doctor for what seems like a million times

but so many wrongs are now right.

It made me realize my career aspiration,

for it is a path I must follow

to help vulnerable children and to lessen the pain,

a pediatrician I will be.


The pressures of friendships,

learning to navigate school, puberty, self-consciousness

Being a perfectionist, failing is my fear

Every swim meet, piano recital, school function is met with butterflies

Anxiety is a thief, but passion returns what was stolen.

Life gets complicated,

it now consists of responsibilities, duties, worries and self-awareness.

It is a life worth living and the burdens are triggers of growth.

Embrace the journey, live to the fullest,

be a dream chaser!


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