A walk through the woods
On a cold Winter's Night,
Brought up such terrors
And gave quite a fright.
I stepped through a clearing
Bathed in Moonlight.
A large lump Beyond
Didn't look quite right.
I stood above it,
Hands reaching down,
When suddenly it moved
With a guttural sound.
I quickly stepped back,
But it was too late.
I saw where you lay
In your grotesque state.
I wanted to scream.
I tried not to vomit.
For the state you were in,
I could not comment.
You lay in the mud,
Half eaten by worms.
It only got worse
In no uncertain terms.
Your eyes have been eaten,
The holes filled with maggots.
With roaches in your mouth,
You lay there just gagging.
Your arms had been mangled.
Your legs had been torn.
In that long moment,
You wished you weren't born.
Your clothes were shredded,
Your body a mess.
And yet, as you watched me,
You smiled with your best.
I'll always remember
That walk through the woods.
When my dreams become nightmares,
There is nothing good.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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