When You Prince Upon a Star

By Charlene Jones


He woke up groggy

Unaware of his surroundings.

Prince charming grew precautious

His royal heart was pounding.

Then the world came to focus.

He remembered where he lied.

He lifted his head from his silk pillow.

The prince was teary eyed.

He peered out his window

And sighed with a slump,

“Why can’t I be a disk jockey?”

He said to his poodle, Mcflumpalump.


“I should be sharing my gift with the world. I can drop some sick beats!”

His hysterical voice bounced off his twenty-foot room ceiling

As he glided from his Egyptian cotton, eighteen hundred thread-counted sheets.

“The bass would beat louder than my broken heart.

The sheer awesomeness of my dubstep would tear the stage apart!”

A fragile knock on the door frazzled the prince’s distress.

“Sire, the ball’s in two hours. You better get dressed.”

Two feminine figures filtered into the room.

One held his with his clothes, one held a broom.


As they dressed him well, in the finest of linen,

The prince mumbled to himself,

“I will convince my father.

My life is only beginnin’.”

Once the young man was clothed, he fled to his father’s chamber.

“Let me be a D.J., dad. Let me be a room shaker.”

“Okay.” Said the king.

“Really? That’s all?”

“Yes, my son. I’ll give you your dream if you find a bride at the ball.”

And with those words harmonizing in perfect unity

The prince prepared for the momentous occasion

And prepped the name of his D.J. identity.

“They’ll call me Prince Turn Tables, or PTT for short.”

The prince continued to day dream

Until commonly people entered the kingly fort.


By then, the sun was on the other side of the globe,

And the stars popped into sight.

The scent of freshly made apple cinnamon custard danced about the castle

All throughout the night.


Prince Charming thought plucking a bride from the sea of single women would be easy

But, they were all boring, confusing, or insane.

Till a tall glass of water graced down those royal, golden palace steps

And completely conquered his royal brain.

The world stopped.

As did his heart.

Only when he took her into his arms did the two restart.


She was a sparkling jewel. The rarest of sapphire.

When she said her name was Cinderella,

The prince’s spark grew into a fire.


A spotlight appeared over his future.

A world covered in PTT records, remixes, and more.

Cinderella stood right beside him

As rhythmic feet stomped the floor.

The prince was ready to take the kingdom by storm

With his unstoppable flow.

He took Cinderella’s arm and said, “Come with me to see my father. I have him my wife to show.”


The maiden was hesitant.

Her eyes were glued to the clock,

But the prince stepped in front of her and whispered, “Don’t worry!

 We are going to rock-“


Then the clock stroke twelve.


With wide eyes, full of apologetic tears, Cinderella slipped from his grasp.

His princess had disappeared.

His dreams were fading fast.


Fortunately, his royal blood was stubborn.

He refused to give up.

When he finally relocated the young woman

He couldn’t believe his luck.

He slipped her abandoned glass slipper onto her foot

And quickly carried her to the carriage.

Prince Charming was more than ready to get on with this marriage.

“I’ll make sure they play the best music for your arrival. And, I’ll show you my talent!

It’ll be the best thing you see.”

“That sounds lovely”, said his princess. “As long as it’s not dubstep. That music genre scares me.”


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