The American Dream is about having the esteem to be who you want to be. Many agree that we all have the oppurtunity to become what we wish to be. My dream is to go to college, and acknowledge. Nursing is my dream , and i'm willing to walk that beam. I wont settle for less even if the best I get is a MCC ID, its better than just a GED. I am in control of my goal, and I will enroll. Senior year will be the best year, I will look in that review mirror. The time flew by and its all a blur. As the date of Graduation gets closer everything becomes clearer in that review mirror.Lack of money cant stop me, becuase honey im on my way to gaining tons of money. Financial Aid will help me. Even if it feels like I am drowning in the sea, applying for scholarships will help me to become free of debt. Scholarships are key, and i wont sweat a bead if I apply and they dont deny. Nursing is right for me. Helping people is what i'm best at, and thats that.  


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