The Dream of a Muse and the several moments of befuddled clarity in which I wrote.


The Pressure Builds

Silence is Present in Silent Space

The Pressure Builds

Silence Echoes through the Unknown

The Pressure Builds

Silence Reverberates across the Expanse

The Pressure Builds

Silence Ends


An Eruption of Sound

Rips into Silent Space

Tears through the Unknown

Speeds across the Expanse

Chaotic Expansion



and brought matter into existence

from the secret thoughts

of the creationary force


a force so ballistic,

extreme, and sudden

that the explosion of matter



and brought shape to the void

springing forth, came

   Stars and Planets

    Nebulas and Quazars

     Solar Systems and Galaxies

An entire Universe free of








or lack thereof 



considered as the highest act

of indecency

Not only of body, but

of intelligence

of opinion

of weakness

of strength

of love 

of indifference

of theology

or lack thereof


what bond, what chain

shackles these acts of nakedness

to the deplorable ranks of indecency?


Above all, in an assimilating world,

having a strong sense of individuality

is quite possibly the highest act

of indeceny believed by mankind


Thus we shaped the earth

shook it to its very foundation

created great chasms of space

and built walls to sequester the denizens

by opinion

by intelligence

by weakness

by strength

by love

by indifference

by theology 

or lack thereof


In doing so

we struck down the

individual and 

clothed him as the common man.

We cast a mold

exalting his "decent" qualities

and shrouded his nakedness

his individuality

his intelligence

his opinion

his weakness

his strength

his love

his indifference

his theology

or lack thereof


Firmly absolved of all that

We made him a singularity in creation,

We praised this empty

shell of the beauty of humanity

Praising those who could

fit the mold; rejecting

those who didn't.

Cast aside like

film on the cutting room floor

these quasimodes of

the ideal collective individual

amassed in number and stood

for their ... morals

the values they stood for were the



They fought to be recognized 

for the genuine sourse of humanity

that they had found

The World awoke

spurred on by the new ideal

Ideals shunned at first

but accepted for their values

The mold recast

to the new ideal individual

who stood for the morals of ...


For the Renaissance Man

of Modern Culture is

no longer the... [Befuddled Clarity Becomes Clear Befuddlement]




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