I am like a man,

flawed and broken,

left on the hot sand

to fry and crisp like a token.

The shell created by social brutality

falls away to reveal the shining

soul climbing through harsh reality,

searching for a world of self-designing.

As I break through the shield,

I surface to see a shining world 

hidden behind shadows veiled,

struggling to find a bard to tell its

thoughts a-whirled.

I stand above the shell as I spread my wings,

beautiful feathers float in the breeze,

made of fleeting memories and pretty things.

I soar above the trees of painful tease,

spreading the message of goodwill

and kindness to all I come upon.

As they once said, one must kill,

not with violence, but with good intention.

I approach the stratosphere as I reach the peak,

finally realizing my wish to express and speak.


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