One Slightly Impractical Dream

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 20:40 -- Ndelp

Ame: the boy trapped in the tower

He waits for Momiji, his lovely knight

She’s his “prince charming” full of awesome power

For her love Ame she will challenge any plight


Vampire Alphonse is thousands of years old

He saved Juliet one snowy night

“Demons will devout her heart” is foretold

He trains her to defy fate, to bravely fight


My mind is filled with dreamlike stories

Drama unfolds as characters are born

Heroes, monsters, in-betweens, and crazies

Pages fill with their smiles, fights, love, and forlorn


Their tales on bookstores for anyone to read

My notes and outlines become paperbacks

“My favorite book” will one day be said

Hope will be inspired by my heroes flax


Writing might be risky and have little luck

Chances of success are brutally low

Publishers will ignore and mock my work

Rejection’s slap will caused repeated woe


But the ideas of spending my days writing

It’s too charming to ignore, to not love

Even if I struggle, I’ll keep fighting

When dismayed, I ‘ll give myself a shove


Kid's literature's renowned author

Hope my stories make you smile, feel stronger


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