What Would You Change Scholarship Slam

Fri, 03/21/2014 - 23:24 -- MDBro


Helping others have always been a part of me.
To see them smile, to see who they end up to be.
Before, they look down as if they felt shamed.
They don't understand that I am not there to blame.
They look up at me, wondering what I am going to do next.
I reach over, and lend a helping hand.
They firmly grasp it, a smile starting to advance.
I tell them what I am going to do to rehabilitate them.
I evaluate their performance, both men and women.
They are reassured by my confidence, my tone of voice, my knowledge.
We both discuss their methods of progress, and take action.
A Physical Therapist is where I want to be.
To improve hte life of others, to get them back on their feet.
Helping others have always been a part of me.


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