Play On

Sat, 03/01/2014 - 23:41 -- kerzyt

Once, I wanted to be in a rock band,

Jammin’ on the piano.

In my made-up band, “The Treelimbs”


For a while, that dream stood,

And I was encouraged to dream,

But that’s not what I want to do.


I want to perform, yes.

But I want to teach too.

Some might call me greedy.


I want to show others,

The power and joy of music

Through both teaching and performing.


So I’ll take what I can get, and

Open as many doors as I can.


A degree is just a piece of paper,

But the opportunities are endless.


The experience at college,

Will make it all worth it.


Yes, it will take time,

And more than a little luck,

But I will be persistent,

And play on.


Jobs for musicians are sparse,

But I’m doing all I can.

Opening doors, talking to people,

All so I can

Play on.


It will be tough,

And I’m not looking forward

To the Real World,

But I will continue to play on.


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