Irish Cream

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 07:42 -- emmuh


Irish cream.

Did I really wake up,

or was it just a dream?

Did I really heal?

Did you or did you not help me?

Is this really ending?

When did I get so clingy?


We had a connection.

No, it wasn't just sex.

Remember Lang Leav's poem?

We both said it fits.


She said, "We just are."

Now I've written because and for you.

And this only happens

because you made me feel.


And speaking of feeling,

yours slips away.

You've gained my absence,

but I get your warmth?


I waited for you to talk,

And we were still working.

Maybe I should have asked...

Perhaps my negligence hurt things.


July 10, 2014




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