There is only one job for me

And that is to be whoever I want to be

It shouldn't be all about money

it shouldn't be a constant feeling of "love me" 

doing the right thing should be the motivation

helping people out to realize their location 

thats what I want.

But it's hard to grasp who I want to be 

when the only thing that seems to make a difference in this world is money 

It's sad to think I don't have a chance 

To be who I want to be 

when all that is is happy.

making a difference is what I want to do 

I want to e pierce things that are fun and new

but there is a problem. 

And that is money.

i want the chance to land my dream job 

i guarantee no dissapointments will be made 

i don't intend to screw my life up any day.

all I ask is a chance 

to show the world who I am.

and who I plan to be

the only problem 

is that I don't have the financial ability. 



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