My Credo

I believe in life, in authentic living, in the joy of being.
I believe in the exaltation of the heart at the dawn but also at the sunset that withdraws  its rays in the night`s rest.
I believe in the touching of the wind that gently dances through the branches of the trees with splendor and detachment.
I believe in the leaf that flies calmly, undirected by the wind.
I believe in the warm smile of a stranger that comes your way.
I believe in the word spoken or unspoken, giving you joy.
I believe in tender hugs regardless of the season.
I believe in nostalgic tears of walking in the park admiring the foliage of the wild forest.
I believe in the harmony of the guitar strings that caress your soul through the heartfelt songs.
I believe in exaltation every moment because every moment is a new beginning.
I believe in the eternity of all things seen and unseen.
I believe in the power to dream beyond the hidden horizons ....
And I still believe that I LOVE beyond imagination and if I love, I feel like I live in the now, the moment of fulfillment!
I believe! I hope! And ...I still  believe !

What about you? Do you believe?

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Our world


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