And I Never

and i never kissed your supple cherry lips

and i never felt the freeing touch from the grace of your fingertips

and i never gave you credit for the best times you took me out to see how id react

and i wake up to cold dark winter skies

that you control with astonishing grip

of your lucid eyes

and you lift up my second chance to be

the king of the maniacs floor

where society cannot see

and you pass over among your dying dreams

as the masque of death chokes upon your muffled screams

and you cant step behind the walls

made of sugar coated sin and leach infested halls

break open the ceiling seams

and daylight shines to thee

come bearing fruit for you

behold thy living tree

dont chop apart the bark

to reveal these ageless rings

your problem lies in your blackened pores where the sweat of passion used to be

dont hurt yourself or the world with so much hateful smut

where you cant dig it back up when you need it most

so hold on to the loosening of your skull

where the little man pops from you brain with an idea to be told

so hold onto the memories

of that time lost you cant relive

as they bubble away floating to the sky

bursting the droplets onto your eyes

dont let the devils hand reach up from the grave

letting your body slip into his palm

and i never gave a chance to the crisp october air

where the clouds take form of a grand ol' ship

and sail the skies to everywhere

and i never gave you permission to be orions middle star

so you can look upon the childrens nest

from where you are afar



Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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