The Ones I Love


United States
36° 7' 37.3008" N, 79° 53' 8.4552" W

They are small, yet influential.
Young, but surprisingly intelligent.
Having spent so much time with them,
I have come to love them dearly.
Like my own family, I care for them.
Their growth is my main priority.
Only someone like me would understand
The way I feel, the way I act, why I care.
They have my attention, my time, my love.
In my eyes, they can do no wrong.
Cute little faces all gathered around me,
Eager to see and learn new things.
While I may not be completely in charge,
I do have their respect and they listen.
Some people may cringe away from this job,
But those faces are the reason I want to do it.
They are my kindergarten students,
And they mean the world to me.


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