Tue, 06/21/2022 - 06:52 -- Creator

I saw everything psychedelic placed

Nothing functions out of place 

Kings chosen are already know

And born as they should 

Nothing will take the land 

Nothing will kill the king 

Queens are chosen from birth 

However the life, class, and ideology

gods are chosen 

So are knights, Lords, and roots

The path has been born, nursed, and weaned 

Their time always has the chance

For first cry and last breath at sure grey

The stars and their friends know it 

Nature is sure of it 

If you dream, you dream, keep the dream

If you speak, how would words’ world be kept back 

In tongues where they came 

Have you had a life filled with the essence 

Where souls in their breaths, are taken in 

Fine as a fetus to be born 

Born to die and die to be reincarnated 



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