A Dreamer's Story

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 13:49 -- aj116

I once knew a boy

from a family of four

They took a plane to do something

They’d never done before

Had visas in check

They were set on a mission

Time was on the clock

Things could go perfectly until the tick stops

The boy

He lived life happily

He was of hispanic descent

But he grew up as an american too naturally

With the world at his finger tip

Everything looked hopeful

He knew all he had to do was work hard

He didn’t have to be a soldier

This happened only when he was six

Being fed a pipe dream

That freedom was a quick fix

Each year he grew smarter

All anyone saw was the potential

To do something great

So much promise

But it was all empty

When it came to congress

The family tried to get legal

But status is only afforded to the regal

12 years past by

He’s graduating

Top of his class

Can you believe it

He’s valedictorian

He excelled at the best school in the state

But nothing had changed

His time was up it was too late

College was nothing but an apparition

And a crazy pipe dream

With no way to change his status

Unlike facebook it was all dislike and no comment

With the required school gone

And a diploma under his belt

Without those nine digits

It might as well have been blank page

Somehow he managed to enter the college of his choice

Because of his history he was able to slide by

But at a fee

They said “It’ll cost you extra if you want to learn from me”

The boy having no other choice

Agreed to their terms

He signed his life away for eight terms

He made it to term three before his debt caught up to him

He had to take a hiatus from his studies call it a sabbatical

But during this time he could never solve the mathematical

He couldn’t find the funds

Without any work

As he held his diploma in his hand

Without those nine digits it didn’t have any worth

His parents couldn’t afford it as they were in the same rut

Pastors don’t get paid much

But somehow it was enough

So when you have to choose to eat or study

That’s not a question buddy.

For now the family of four was a family of six

And the quick fix

Was nothing more than slick diss

The American dream was much more distant

But the boy still continues

In his hope he pursues

That freedom is not a just dream

That the voice of millions will be heard

You will hear his people scream

And congress will have no choice but to do something

Change something

For this story isn’t fiction you see

The boy in the story is me


This is for the dreamers

The hard workers

The believers

Those who hope for a better tomorrow

He look toward the joy in the midst of their sorrow

Whose words have been silenced

Those who feel ticked by the way things are

Knowing the way things could be

Those who feel the tick of clock

Because after they graduate they know their stuck

This is a call for change

No this is a call action

May the voice of millions be heard

And may our stories hit the heart of congress with one word


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the aspect

amazing and powerful.

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