People Are Strange


It’s been apart of my life ever since I was little

I hated medicine

All the pokes and pins

All the stickers and Batman bandaids to make me feel better

Though only for a little while

(So superficial)

More so, the nurses and doctors

Nurses would scowl at me

Restrain me to stick a needle in my arm

The doctor would look at my chart and diagnose me, without asking me a word

I complained of symptoms of aches and pains,

“It’s fine” they would say

Or simply ignore me…

It’s funny,

I wanted to so desperately leave school sometimes

But I never wanted to wait in holding rooms with crying children or parents with short tempers arguing with the consultants.


Once my sister entered the medical program,

I didn’t care much-

“Just another useless program to show you to hurry the process and not actually sit down and pay attention to your patients”

It wasn’t until she described to me her experiences that I began to feel intrigued with her work.

Time skip

I took the clinical’s program, my teacher and mentor was none other than a lady.

Her name was Ms. Schmidt.

She made lots of jokes, and understood our actions and complaints.

She asked why, when no one else would.

She taught me patience and care,

Not only for my patients.


She is the reason I tried harder in my rotations

Opened my shell

Smiled and tried to interact with the patients as I shadowed nurses and practitioners

I connected with my patients,

I enjoyed what i was doing,

And I sought to do it forever.

I understood the importance of an education,

Where it could take me,

And how it could change my life.

I saw the importance of the medical field,

The need for nurses-and how much work and labor intensive their jobs demanded.

How they are never given credit, and are overshadowed by the doctors they assist.

So, Ms. Schmidt,

I will make you proud

Ask you to come to my graduation ceremony

To show you the university that will take me towards my dreams

To find a cure for cancer,

To stop little children, from going through pain they do not understand.

So But most importantly,

When I become a pediatrician in the oncology field,

I will make sure to treat my nurses with respect and honor.

They might’ve studied shorter than me,

But they sure as hell put in more work.

I read a chart, and give the dosage.

They read the patient, and care for their emotional needs.

Thank you,

Ms. Schmidt


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