Lady Dream

Empires rise and fall

Yet I Dream

Inventions are built from the dreams I send

I still wander in my world I painted

What do I dream I do not know

For I do not dream

I see twirling eleven ladies on the lawn

Whose dresses are miasmas of colors

From the cloth of a rainbow I sewed


I sit on my bench

Forming a world for someone

I mix and add

the lighting of storms, for vivacity

the fluff of clouds, for softness

the dewdrops of the rainbow for color and clarity

a mermaids hair for beauty

petals of a snow lily for healing of the heart

they all go into my paint

I begin to draw

Sometimes the paint flows

Like the rushing of the rain

Sometimes it takes its time

Like snow falling

And it clumps in times

Like solidness of a statue

The dream is finished

I’ll paint another one after tea


Death, an elegant lady with a charming smile , and a vortexal eyes

Comes knocking upon my door

To have tea with me

Over tea

She talks of the dreams I send

How some people believe

They are visions of the future

When she leaves I ponder over what she said

The dreams I make are soft and gentle

Once I tried to share my joy with her

However those dreams weren’t the pretty ones I made

They wandered around causing havoc

I tried to take them back

But they wouldn’t heed my call


Night comes by to remind me of the time

I call my hound to come

A hound made from the silver of the stars, the fire of a meteor shower

I give him my dreams to send

I await his return as I go to Sleep

My husband cloaks me as we wait on the porch

We shall wait here

Until dawn finds us so



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