Rise of Life in Me

I’m Tired

 Tired of being told I can’t do something

Tired of being told I’m too slow

Tired of being told I’m too small

Tired of being told I’m to week

I’m Tired

Tired of being looked at as something unworthy

Tired of standing on my own two feet and no one having my back

Tired of fighting everyday and not seeing results

Tired of taking tests that don’t connect with my future

I’m Tired

Tired of being pushed around

Tired of getting up to be knocked back down

Tired of standing up for my dreams just to be told no

Tired of aspiring to do something that people think is impossible

I’m Tired

Tired of having to prove people wrong

Tired of people taking me as a joke

Tired of feeling low

Tired of not knowing where to go

I’m Tired enough to sleep

Tired enough to dream

Tired enough to rise

Tired enough to live

Tired enough for me

I Sleep

Sleep to get away from what haunts me

Sleep to get peace

Sleep to relax

Sleep to look back

I Sleep

Sleep to see what I can do

Sleep to move faster

Sleep to grow

Sleep to get stronger

I Sleep

Sleep to be worthy

Sleep to get results

Sleep to be amazing

Sleep to get power

I Sleep

Sleep to feel free

Sleep to be me

Sleep to create a vision

Sleep to get closer to my future

I Sleep

Sleep enough to dream

Sleep enough to Rise

Sleep enough to live

Sleep enough for me

My Dream

Dreams to be great

Dreams to inspire others

Dreams to create hope

Dreams to reach my goals

My Dream

Dreams to do above and beyond what other people expect

Dreams of a greater future

Dreams of a loving family

Dreams of glorious success

My Dream

 Dreams of being unstoppable

Dreams of never being told no

Dreams of being good enough

Dreams of reaching more than what others expect

My Dream

Dreams of soaring to new heights

Dreams of destroying the obstacles in my way

Dreams of being untouchable

Dreams of being mesmerizing

My Dream

My Dream is to rise

My Dream is to live

My dream is for me

I Rise

Rise above those who have doubted me

Rise to the occasion

Rise beyond belief

Rise to continue my journey

I Rise

Rise to lift up ones around me

Rise to unknown limits

Rise to unknown limits

Rise to past the stars and create my own galaxy

Rise to my own universe

I Rise

Rise to the opportunities knocking at my door

Rise to take the shots not yet taken

Rise to achieve a greater destiny

Rise to find new abilities

I Rise

Rise to move closer

Rise to see those left behind

Rise to meet the next challenge face to face

Rise to take control of my world

I rise

Rise not to be tired

Rise not to sleep

But I Rise to live

I Rise for me

I Live

Live for the ones who came before me

Live for the ones I love

Live to be remarkable

Live to do things beyond belief

I Live

 Live to throw caution to the wind

Live to take control of what is rightfully mine

Live to surpass what has happened in history

Live to create my own records

I Live

Live to get closer move faster and get stronger

Live for the next day

Live for what I worked for

Live for the game we call life

I Live

Live for the look on the faces of those who doubted

Live to hold up my own trophy

Live to fight to be amazing

Live to do what hasn’t been done

I Live not to be tired

Not to sleep

But I Live

I Live for me



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