Preservation of my hopes.

The future is so uncertain
Although there are days that it’s all I think about.
Where will I be?
What will I be doing?
& more importantly who will be there?
It’s crazy…
The life I haven’t experienced yet
can consumes so much of my present day.
But can I even call it life if I haven’t lived it?
We know how the story goes, tomorrow is not promised.
So if tomorrow I don’t open my eyes what happens to all those thoughts?
All those hopes & dreams? Do I get to keep them?
And my fears, do I ever overcome them?
See we spend far too much time thinking about the future
& I just don’t feel it’s fair for that to all just disappear when we’re not “here“.
I’ll leave it all here, my hopes, my dreams, my thoughts, and my fears.
I leave them all here in this notebook.


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