I Miss You My Darling


I miss you my darling
The way sun misses morning
I miss you my love the way the tide craves the moon
You showed me a smile means more than a tale
You showed me the world has more than I see
This was destined
Prolonging too be

I am patient, it's feasible to say.
But a day without you could rip me away
Like a bird and a songstress playing the drummers song
This choir behind me, every note right on
Like a manifesto, it is Marxist, but inspires us all
I am your prince
a fox, through these traps I don't fall.

Listen, I told you. Play me this hymn.
I note the piano, onyx it bares thin.
The ivory it snaps like a broken pen.
But my ink stays so subtle, blindingly calm.
My rags not scarlet, but pearl white.
I came out so bloodless. You were a different type of fight
Now listen my love, my darling my soul. My love is not to be trifled, it comes with its toll.
I guess that is my folly.
Hapless perhaps.
A moment, critiqued, reiterated and stained. Coffee on your new skirt, a ring marks this pain.
My sheets are so utterly, painfully grey.

So love all these mishaps.
Just give it away
Life is not all about the cogs the rumors the ticks that wither and dry
I am the crumbling wall
The unwrapped surprise
Bleed my stone like a broken glass window
Or face my metal titan and melt me down
For you id be remade
Love is so confusing, but undoubtedly true.
I would take care of you through happiness sadness and even the flu
So no matter the metaphors and weird similes, the personification and rhyming of such.
Get to the bare, the grit and the sand. Unrifled quirks, not the problems at hand. Grasp the meaning, the truth, the thought
Break it on down
It really all just means the same
No matter the circumstance with you, I, well I, just never want to be away.


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