A Dream never Dreamt

To the dream I lost-- 

One night I had slept 

Tired of the world's morality

An escape from reality.

Tired of work

To rest my head upon a soft white pillow

A dream that had been 

Lost, but never forgotten. 


In my house of 

Bedrooms a'three

I saw You

In a swarm of bumblebees


Ravenheaded duchess,

Stare at me.

Your blue eyes carved from 

The South China Sea.

Look down and touch me.

I need you the most

A goddess however imagined

Comforts me the most


I am guilty of my lust.


Your entire being, a sight to behold

A swarm of bumblebees 

They buzz with chaos 

But in them for 

Me, a harmony


Why the peculiar sight, You?

No. Has my time come?

Do not flaunt your beauty; 

It is short lived.

The bees have blinded me.

Mistress, where have you gone?

Speak! Your honey-voice

Must be with me!


Oh the world has called me;

Duties to tend once more

Never again would I see

You, a dream.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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