Painted walls, guide my rough fingertips

Cracked movements trip my aloof mind,

Feeling distinct

Familiar even,

A cool autumn breeze runs up my spine,

Prickling my skin into reality.


I stop, frozen by my thoughts

Memories flooding into my palace

Tears are spilling, uncontrallaby



And Pain flood.


A stray hand rubs itself gently against my back

Ptoviding me with ease and comfort

My sleeves immediately fly to my tears

Wiping them away,

I ponder the moment for a second


"Ready to leave,"

A voice calls out distantly

My heart jumps at the sound

The flutter of wind chimes reside in my ears



Not yet,

I pray

There are still memories between these walls

Alive, encrusted with hope.


The person ventures idly

Straying between my heart, and his.

I call out

Hopeful, and understanding

Who knows? 

What words run through his idle mind?

Is it the same, as mine?


His face scrunches up,

and his tongue sticks out of his mouth.




It's breathless, and I want to touch him.


Panic strikes my collegiate mind

Fearful that I'll break his wonderous concentration

Maybe one day when the clock stops churning. 

Our magic will strike the air.

Until then mon amour,

Au revoir.





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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