Escape into a dream

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 00:37 -- lalicea

I live in the stories that I create,

in the books that I read and make,

the stories in my head

because it is better instead.

I imagine many things,

many horrible things,

things wonderful,

thing beautiful...

things that could happen to me.

My life is boring

just like any average person, not exciting.

Better to imagine

and create in my mind, a distraction

where I can fly and escape

into a green landscape,

where I can kill and fight,

and improve my sight,

where I can fly a plane

and crash it cuz I'm insane...

I want to feel pain,

I want to have someone to blame,

I want to feel hatred,

I want to go to places sacred,

where no one dares to go

in the sunshine's eternal glow,

I want to become someone new

and legendary stories accrue.

But...only in my head it stays

for days and days

because out of it, it cannot be,

destined to dream, only me

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