She is Beautiful

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 03:35 -- Creator

She is beautiful 

Like a mouse, her heart moves 

With the window of her soul 

open to Heaven’s skies 


She is beautiful 

The desktop of the Cosmos kisses her intentions

Her desires, sweet as candy occasion for the day 

With right shaping encounters 


She is beautiful

Her mantras and dreams

Tasteful as paradise in the west of Oceans dawn 

While her eyes sway with tongues of desires. 


She is beautiful 

Oh, how her hay heart makes me wonder 

Days lost find cause 

Round courses to be hers.


She is beautiful 

Oh, she is beautiful 

Like a fragrance of the darling day 

Beautiful friendly wine.


Oh the day say so too

Conveying celestial creativity 

unto souls of every creature

If she knows this I do not know.


If she believes this for all seasons I do not know

I have seen beyond senses of feeling, sight, and tongue 

Oh, she is beautiful 

beyond her hay heart and sweet desires



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