Deadly Wind

The air around was abundant

but i still felt as if i was suffocating,

streets flooded with nothing but it

i screamed "someone save me."

Like when you are parched for water

you drink it and still don't feel hydration,

but for me its worse

because I've lost motivation.

Echoes of the wind filled my ears

and i remembered again,

not everyone could hear it

but no-one could feel this pain.

The lump in my throat is invisable

only i know I'm about to cry,

been searching for answers

and still don't know why.

Don't know why I feel so empty,

the clouds close in,

I saw I- I dreamt she-,

was in the same place as me.

The face was blurred,

and she sobbed harder than I'd ever thought

trying to speak, she slurred.

Voice trembles,

lower and quicker, than she dropped to the ground

I am in deep thought trying to see who she resembles.

I rub my eyes,

I see blood drip from her wrists and drown her hands

on the ground where she shook, painful silent cries.

I was only trying to help her,

Calling for help but again no one stood close

and her breath one of liquor.

The wind grew louder,

and the air around seemed to close in on us

and she vanished to powder.

I stopped feeling suffocated, instead relieved

but what i saw next

you would not believe.

My heart began to slow,

I awake from my dream

the wind at a steady blow.

The abundant air consumed me,

and i was hooked on the feelings

the ones that outgrew me.

Everything turned to nothing, 

all the sound, and black is what i saw

i could not have been cutting.

I felt the sting on my wrist,

and my hands wet with blood

life is one of Gods greatest gifts.

That girl in my dreams was me,

and it was clear now

i think we could all agree-

The everlasting air, 

had turned my body into a cadaverous one

cause it was not me, i wouldn't dare.



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