Just Beyond the Skyline (Song)

Let's take off our shoes and run through the grass,

We'll dash hand in hand as we make our own path

Through the lillies and jasmine we'll climb every hill,

We'll laugh, and we'll sing, and then time will stand still.


We can seek out new treasures hidden deep in the earth

Broken glass, scattered seeds, and some things of no worth,

But when I'm here with you, there's no thing I could own

That would mean more to me than this love I have known. 


We can build us a fort up inside some old tree

We can rule there together, the king and the queen,

Though the world may not heed us, and they don't understand,

I don't need any power when I'm holding your hand.


We can travel the oceans as the light on the sea

Dances out, bright and merry and as carefree as we,

We will sing and we'll ride on the dolphins and foam

Then we'll dream happy dreams and let stars guide us home.


Let's fly kites in the air and pretend we're up high,

High above all the clouds that roam soft in the sky,

Where we'll soar with the eagles and pigeons in kind, 

Where we're free as the thoughts that resound in our minds.


Though some people may see us and believe that we're weird,

Just don't listen, my love, we have nothing to fear! 

Just hold on to me tight and never let go,

And we'll feel all the peace that our two worlds can know. 


This whole world may seem gray, but if you hold my hand,

I'll take you up high, to a far distant land,

If we climb up above them, we will find the sublime,

Let me take you to the heaven just beyond the skyline. 




We can run through the forest and we'll leave all behind

We'll discover a place that nobody can find!

We will float by on clouds, I am yours and you're mine,

If you join me in the heaven just beyond the skyline.


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