Dream Guy

Sun, 09/20/2015 - 20:27 -- JPhinx

Yeah, I fell in love once.

Thought he was a nice guy.

Turned out to be sorry, so I moved on to the next guy.

He wasn’t half bad.

Didn’t treat me like he should, so I had to give him up.

But he said he understood.

So the third guy was lovely.

Treated me like a queen.

He had me living that American dream.

Big house. Nice car.

Cute little puppy running through the yard.

Next thing I know, he was right out the door.

Said my ambitions became too much for him to handle.

I didn’t get it. Once I met him, my dreams were shot.

So I guess there wasn’t much left for the next guy.

But then, oh man! He walked into my life.

Six foot three. Nice Job. Cute smile.

Hell, he was all I need!

I was happy. He was sweet. Gave me all of him.

Didn’t cease to tell me he loved me on a regular.

I believed him. I felt something about this guy.

He was special. But he didn’t stick around.

They all seemed to disappear after a while.

But then again one day, that second guy came back to town.

Finally got his life together.

Came by my place and stood at my door.

Next thing I know, this dude is on the floor!

Bent on one knee. A box in his hand.

Ever since that day, he’s always been my man.

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