Running exceedingly fast,

I finally saw a door, at last,

Rushed inside, paralyzed with fear,

Hoping it won’t come any near,


Suddenly, heard a heart-stopping knock,

Then I realized there was something wrong with the lock,

It started rattling,

Then came to a sudden halt,


Slowly, the door creaked,

The creature made a ear-shattering shriek,

It had gnarled claws,

Hairy paws,

Elongated jaws,


Creeping towards me,

I imagined how my death would be,

Well, I had lived a full twelve years life,

Lets hope I will have fun in the afterlife,


With its burning red eyes thirsty for food,

It stared with a ravenous mood,

Half hallucinating, I started skipping, striving, racing,

It started chasing,


Furiously, dragged me to the ground,

Raised his hand and…………………….


I woke up with a sudden pound,


It was the middle of the night,

Trees were rustling and the moon was bright,

Out the window, I spotted a creature,

UHHHHH, It had the same features,


Having nothing to be said,

I dived right under my cozy bed,

Gasping and panting with fear,

I heard my door creek open loud and clear….

This poem is about: 
Our world


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