Dream of a place that is not here.


Dream of a world in which the seas do not shove,
And in which the tide never declines offers,
And where the clouds are more reliable.
Dream of where the grass can be whatever color you please,
Where the brittle sky never shatters,
And where hope can be picked off trees.
Dream of a place that is not here.

Dream of a concurrent dimension,
Of a world parallel, and yet completely dissimilar.
Dream of a valley dripping and melting into the essence of reality
Just beyond and between and under snow-covered mountains.
Dream of where there is no boundary between sun and shade
And where spirits tell no lies and no riddles
And where you don’t have to speak more than a whisper to be heard.
Dream of a place that is not here.

Dream of a sanctuary, buried in my eyes
Far from the other scorching and inflicting glares
Far from the horror of facing fears and broken dreams.
Far from the inevitable end
Dream of a place far from all that scars.

Dream of a place that is not here, darling
Because here is not a place you would wish to be.
Here is where corruption cuts to the bone
Where madness rips at our very flesh
And where the source of the mayhem is glorified (for reasons no one seems to know).
See, when you look really closely at the way the world works
Nothing really makes any sense
But, you see, the problem starts with the people here
Who drown in futility and stumble throughout their entire, empty lives
Not caring about the larger picture.
Don’t be like the people here
Don’t be like the people here
Because they may prosper now, and here
But darling, here is not all that matters
Do not dwell on or dream of here.
Do not dwell on or dream of here!
Rather: dream of, strive for, live to please what is greater.

Teardrops are forever etched into my soul for you
I weep for what terrors your future holds.
But, don’t you worry your pretty little mind with such unspeakable realities, just yet
You still have time to embrace your ever so blissful state of ignorance
Embrace it while you can
Because far too soon
Far, far too soon
You too will have to drown in the tears
The way I’m drowning.
The way I drown with every existing and metaphorical heartbeat.
So, darling, for now,
But dream of a place that is not here.


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