Those Hands


United States
43° 3' 10.0944" N, 83° 45' 6.426" W

The hands that wrote that letter
Sitting in that cell from Birmingham jail
The hands that reached out and pushed against the ceiling of hate
As it began to rise and slowly started to fall
These hands took hold of this world and started to shake it
These hands gave the oppressed back their natural rights
Though no one had power to take it
Progression and movement started to form
It is through the eyes of the wicked that hatred is born
Through the eyes of the bold who stood for the right
They marched for their freedom
For the people,
This was their flight
They took hold of a foundation
That started to shatter
They closed all the gaps that began to gather
Through hell fire summer and winters that froze
They pushed for freedom despite being told
Their Unworthy
Not Good enough
Nothing more Can they be
Those hands that grabbed and shook a broken society
Met an untimely demise
For now people mourn those who fell for this prize
They never got to see what they earned and gave people like me
They were force to become Martyr, Why? Because freedom wasn't free

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